Friday, February 09, 2007

Still, It Could Be Worse

Dayne Gilbey's an icon of common-sense, decency and good old English eccentricity compared with these two.

For a month, the two skinheads had talked off and on about "earning" a spider-web tattoo, Peterson, now 37, testified yesterday.

In their skinhead world, the tattoo meant you had killed someone of a different race, a badge of status in the white racist movement. They wanted "the web" etched on their elbows as a rite of passage.

Peterson's account of the 1989 hate-crime murder of Philadelphian Aaron Wood riveted the courtroom during yesterday's 4-hour preliminary hearing.

The story's about as pretty as the tattoo.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, tattoos and criminality.

Anonymous said...

Most racially motivated murders are not comitted by Whites in the USA. Black/Hispanic racial murders in Los Angeles which are reportedly not due to gangs/drugs:

How whould this be reported if Whites were involved?

For the full monte on who is attacking who see:

Bear in mind that Hispanic attackers are counted as White but Hispanic victims are not which inflates the White attacker count.

Anonymous said...

Is the significance of these tattoos a recent thing or an American thing?

I remember blokes on the late 70s and early 80s with spider-web tattoos on their elbows. They were just ordinary hard-cases, not, to my knowledge, people who carried out racial attacks.