Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

Not one that the BBC are reporting. How many more killings go under the radar ?

A psychiatric nurse died when a teenager kicked him in the head after a racial dispute on a bus, the Old Bailey heard on Monday.

Simon Pearce, 45, suffered a fatal heart attack after a 16-year-old launched a blow that left him lying in the road with a fractured skull, it is claimed.

Jurors heard that Mr Pearce was assaulted by the teenager after an argument moments earlier on a night bus. Mr Pearce was rushed to hospital after the attack yards from the Broadway Theatre, Catford, just after 3am on July 30 last year.

He died on August 12 after suffering cardiorespiratory failure - "complications"' caused by the injuries sustained in the attack, jurors heard. The teenage defendant, now 17, from Lee, denies murder and an alternative charge of manslaughter.

Jurors heard Mr Pearce, who worked at the Gordon Hospital in Bloomburg Street, Westminster, was a heavy drinker who often stayed out all night.

Prosecutor Sir Allan Green said Mr Pearce had been travelling on the N36 bus to Catford from central London when the incident happened. Sir Alan said the bus driver thought he heard Mr Pearce mumble the word "black", then a youth in light clothing asked the victim, "what did you say?".

Two young men then followed Mr Pearce as he walked away from the bus.

The trial continues.

Also from icSouthLondon : Albanian killed by Lithuanians, and the Liberal Democrat council who protect the identities of thugs.

Two thugs slapped with Asbos for robbing OAPS will not be named by town hall leaders.

Southwark council leader Nick Stanton says he does not think the community should know who they are because they do not fit his criteria for naming and shaming.

The thugs were banned from Camberwell for three years for ruthlessly robbing elderly people last week.

A magistrate said they could not even hang out together or enter any part of Camberwell because of their wicked crimes.

Southwark’s top cop Malcolm Tillyer says people should know the conditions of some serious Asbo cases.

There are 78 people subject to an Asbo in the borough but, according to Cllr Stanton, none of them fit the council’s criteria to let the public know their identity.

Council bosses are even refusing to let us know what their criteria are.

Labour leader councillor Peter John says Asbo yobs should be named and shamed.

He said: "If people know who these yobs are then they can help the police to enforce these Asbos.

"But Nick Stanton wants to put these criminals’ rights ahead of people’s safety.

"This is yet another example of the council executive’s refusal to stand up for local people. They want these thugs identified, not weasel words

"Nick Stanton tried to make us all believe a few weeks ago that he’d seen the light on this. But now we know it was just hot air.

"I can’t say I’m surprised that he’s managed to wriggle out of doing what’s right and what people have been calling for for years."

Two youths were also banned from the Elmington estate in Camberwell for intimidating and making residents’ lives a misery.

In August the South London Press revealed the identity of four Asbo youths who were running riot on the Dog Kennel Hill estate in East Dulwich.

Cops said they were inundated with calls from concerned residents and were able to arrest the troublemakers when they entered estates they were banned from.

Councillor Nick Stanton said: "There are no Asbo recipients in the borough that meet our criteria to let the community know the conditions of their order."

Last but not least from transpontine country : the dreadful murder of poor Michael Dosunmu days after his fifteenth birthday. According to This Is London earlier today, his father wasn't in the house at the time - because he had been hospitalised by burglars who broke into the house on the weekend.

When I read that I thought it highly likely that the break-in and the murder were connected. Too much of a coincidence if they weren't. But the plot thickens.

Mr Dosumnu, a senior psychiatric nurse Gordon Hospital in Westminster, also rubbished claims that he was himself attacked on Saturday. He had been in hospital at the time of his son's murder and some neighbours had said he had been beaten up in his home.

However, he said he was taken to hospital with head injuries after collapsing in front of his home. "I came back from work and was about to open my front door when I just passed out," he said. "No one attacked me."



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Formerly English town reduced to dhimmitude . This is what happens when fast-breeding Muslims reach a critical mass:

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"Council bosses are even refusing to let us know what their criteria are."

No prizes for guessing though....

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Indeed, the ASBO holders must be related to council members.

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