Monday, February 05, 2007

The New Times Online Site

Is on the poor side of dreadful. Looks awful, you can time the responses using a calendar, the search doesn't work. We actually have the paper delivered and I wanted to link to the Amanda Foreman and Generation Y items from Sunday. God knows where they are on the new Times site, because I can't find them.

Naturally all my existing Times links now return 404 'page not founds'. From now on I'm going to paste the whole damn article (assuming I ever find anything interesting again) - a pity but you just can't trust these people.

Other unimpressed users - Welsh View, Stephen Tall. Niksilver give the techy view, opining that "no doubt by the time you read this the problems will all be ancient history". Well, it's 22.48 and it's still running like a dog.


Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely gutted because the reformed leftist Nick Cohen wrote a piece for the Sunday Times entitled, "You've lost it Guardianistas," which I'd saved to my favourites and I can no longer locate it. I am for the record a closet right-winger still moving, working and socialising in left-wing circles, living in fear of being outed.

haddock said...

I finally got into the site 10 minutes ago, next edition up in 10mins?....better start clicking and waiting now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have often thought bloggers linking to an artical and then making a point were risking having their blog ruined by this sort of thing, although I don't think its so bad in your case as you normally do directly quote some parts at least.

Surely they must have an archive? they can't have just thrown it all away?

Anonymous said...

The layout is broken in Firefox (and Opera). Increasing the font size in IE6, and zooming in IE7, breaks the layout.

The underlying markup is shoddy and bloated. They use CSS class names with formatting encoded in the name.

There are many "schoolboy error" accessibility problems, potentially leaving the Times open to prosecution under the Disability Discrimination Act.

Breaking every single incoming link in existence is exceptionally poor workmanship.

They've been fleeced by the "designers". This site does not meet professional standards.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth do The Times want to look like the Mail???

I much preferred the old format, and every time they change formats, I lose all my links, some of which go back to before this millenium... :-(

I'll just have to search for the articles I want and then update the links (what a palava)

Anonymous said...

wow - thats one hell of a godawful redesign.
absolutely incredible that anyone signed off on it.

Anonymous said...

"Breaking every single incoming link in existence is exceptionally poor workmanship."

indeed. seems like they have no clue , and are unaware of the magic of mod_rewrite

that 10 million figure must be a joke? isnt it?

Anonymous said...

OT: On the heels of your post last week about a motorist given 5 years for killing someone after falling asleep at the wheel, comes this:

illegal death driver freed

No license, no insurance, using uncles car without permission (stealing?), kills someone by crashing into a wall which he was sitting on.

"The offence carries a maximum fine of £2,500 or an unlimited community penalty order."

Harry J said...

Off topic but does anybody fancy signing this ?

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Confirm that the Equality Act will enable gay pig-breeders to use the services of halal abbatoirs to slaughter their livestock.


Anonymous said...

The best Website for a newspaper if the Guardian and the worst The Times now.

It seems as devoid of content as the tabloid itself.

Mind you if News Intl fired Peter Riddell and replaced him with Trevor Kavanagh we'd all be wiser

Anonymous said...

Absolutely useless, and I hadn't even realised the problem with old links until now.

All I used to use was the newspaper edition links and that whole approach to the site has been removed.

I'm using the Telegraph now.