Friday, February 09, 2007

Far back, through creeks and inlets making

I have no idea whether a little fairy dies or racist attacks go up every time the BNP win a council seat. The problem is that the people measuring said attacks, fairy mortality etc tend to have their own agendas.

But I'm pretty sure that every time the BNP stand the turnout goes up. Vote fraud ? I don't know, but if so more likely to be by their opponents than by them, if only because they haven't the power and don't collect the ballot boxes. The 'no platform for fascists' student union types have the power thirty years on though.

People keep complaining about the lack of political engagement, that all the parties are the same etc. I'm sure there's truth in that.

You certainly can't say that one party is the same as the rest, when the others all combine to say how bad they are. And it does seem that political engagement goes up.

From Cllr Luke Akehursts blog some council by-election results to give thought to.

Bede Ward, Bedworth, which had been thought to be under threat from the Tories, who it had been a straight fight with in 2006:

Labour 658 (37.6%) (-17.3%)
BNP 546 (31.2%)
Con 301 (17.2%) (-27.9%)
LibDem 119 (6.8%)
Eng Dem 75 (4.3%)
Save NHS 43 (2.5%)
UKIP 8 (0.5%)

This is old coal-mining country, classic Labour territory. The BNP seem to be squeezing working-class Tory votes even more than Labour ones. 31% out of nowhere. Don't tell me David Cameron's new inclusive light-blue metrosexual white-line Tories have no appeal in Bedworth ? Note the UKIP vote.

The turnout ? A very respectable 36% on a filthy day.


Anonymous said...

This is a tad controversial, and I speak as someone who was born and brought up in an area of London which was a National Front stronghold in the 1970's, but the problem of mass immigration will not be tackled until the BNP win a few seats. Immigration can be a great asset, however at the moment we seem to be importing all the people that no other developed country would touch with a barge-pole.

Newham, Southwark and Brent in London; Bradford and Leicester up North are not good advertisements for immigration, if anything all these areas argue the case against migration from developing countries. According to Frank Field, who has the interests of not only his constituents at heart but also this nation in terms of preserving its identity, we have allowed 2 million people into the country in the past three years. Why???

Anonymous said...

Foxy Brown: "we have allowed 2 million people into the country in the past three years. Why???"

Possibly two reasons. 1. the bloody human rights act. 2. the European Union.

The first leads us to fret more about the sensitivities of hardened criminals than their victims. The second, well, apart from the fact I hate the bloody organisation, we now rely on the likes of Spain at one extreme and Romania at the other to police our borders.

Anonymous said...

Spain recently had an 'amnesty'.

EU job centres to target Africans

Anonymous said...

I think that one of the major reasons for the quite rapid increase in BNP support is the fact that established immigrant groups continually receive preferential treatment when compared with the indigenous population.

The whole multi-cultural experiment is an example of this. The native population is expected to surrender its culture, or at least a large part of it, in order to make immigrants feel at home. Sir Keith Ajegbo's report, with all its gibberish about making school curriculums "meaningful for all pupils in relation to diversity and multiple identities" is an example of this. All it really means, is rolling back teaching of British culture, in order to ram immigrant culture down native childrens' throats. Thus, as was recently reported, major British cultural figures such as Byron and Trollope are to be dropped from the school curriculum, in order to make room for that literary titan, Meera Syal.
When British culture is being attacked in British schoolrooms (and elsewhere) in this manner, and when the political elite shows no intention of stopping it, why should British people not vote for a party that will stop this?

Equally, anti-white racism seems increasingly to be acceptable, and, indeed, to be favoured, among the elite. The BBC is "hideously white", and any organisation in which white people are over-represented is "institutionally racist". By contrast, if whites are under-represented, that is a triumph for diversity. You can advertise jobs as for blacks only, but do the same for whites, and you'll be attacked by a liberal lynch mob.
Let's return to the education system. If whites do better than other groups, as they do when compared with blacks or Pakistanis at GCSE level, then that's cause for concern. If they do worse (for example, when white working class boys get the lowest results of all groups at GCSEs), then that's a sign that everything is fine.

There are many other examples of this kind of thing. Laban has repeatedly highlighted the discrepancies in reporting of racist attacks by and against whites. But again, I must ask, when all of the mainstream parties seem to have bought into the mindset that gives rise to these problems, why should the British people not vote BNP? We have a right to preserve our culture and country, and if voting BNP will do that, then that is what we should do.

Of course, present levels of immigration are far, far, too high. But perhaps the main reason for opposition to immigration, is that the mass immigration we've been living with for sixty years has been an extremely bad experience for the native population.

Anonymous said...

Possibly two reasons. 1. the bloody human rights act. 2. the European Union.

Try Primary Purpose Rule abolition thereof.

Once you have the family reunion card played it is a never-ending chain in the Subcontinent and Africa.

Anonymous said...

Just two short points.

Firstly, the UKIP must be deeply concerned about their 8 (!) votes. That's two less than is needed to to sign the deposit papers. 8 votes can be gathered mistakenly or at random and one could imagine the fun Gable and co would have at the BNP's expense had their vote been as derisory.

Next, the BNP's huge vote from nowhere here can be subjected to much analysis but I'd say that most important fact is that it has driven a stake through the heart of the well rehearsed 'the BNP only does well when there's a low turnout' line.

Anonymous said...

Foxy Brown, who is not an indigene, but is a Brit and has a stake in the wellbeing of the country and the continuance of our culture, thinks the BNP winning a few seats will be a good thing. So do I because it will serve to shake Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems out of their multi-culti metrosexual complacency.

I have predicted before, Foxy, that the BNP will eventually open its membership to non-native Brits because those who were born here, or whose parents were born here, have a shared stake in this country.

Of course,the BNP is hard left, but I would still cheer them if they won 20 or so seats and became a legitimate voice because it would put a petard up the arses of the leaders of the traditional parties.

Anonymous said...

I've begun to hate David Cameron almost as much as I hate Tony Blair. I hate his smug, vapid face. I hate the fact that he hasn't the faintest idea of what it is like to be an ordinary Brit.

I, a lifelong Tory voter, will not vote Tory as long as he is leading the party,not least because he didn't have the fortitude to oppose the socialist on their trying to force the Catholic Church to abandon its principles over gay adoption. I believe this will have lost them a couple of million votes they cannot afford to lose. Although he doesn't realise it, believing as he does that he's "inclusive" he's a complacent snob and he can include me out.

Anonymous said...


Migration from the EU while it needs to be controlled is less of a culture shock. After all, the Central and Eastern European migrants are unlikely to blow us up, and do not have barbarous customs such as female genital mutilation.


Look on the bright side, seasonal African and South American agricultural workers are great for the economy.


It's funny that members of the metropolitan liberal elite (trust me I know loads) choose to send their children to schools where the little darlings learn about Milton, Keats and Dickens.

Greg Dyke's comment about the BBC being "hideously white," was ludicrous. There are dozens of non-white, high-profile TV presenters and journos.

"Institutional racism," has a lot to answer for, the Met Police instead of choosing the best candidates are binning applications from suitably-qualified whites and fast-tracking minorities who lack the necessary skills to be officers of the law.

On the subject of working class white children in schools, what I find quite disturbing is that the English kids lack an identity as a group, however at the same time other groups are positively encouraged to celebrate their cultures in the name of diversiy. It would appear that some men are more equal than others.


The family reunion migration chain is the reason why London outside the City, Kensington and Chelsea, Islington and Camden resembles a souk.


The new incarnation of the Conservatives is certainly spooky. Are the Tories appealing to ethnic groups because they realise that an election victory is impossible without winning vast swathes of the minority-dominated urban areas? I think Laban made this point in a previous post.

Anonymous said...

p to non-native Brits

n. 1. The young of herring and similar fish.

2. Minute marine organisms, such as crustaceans of the genus Calanus, that are a major source of food for right whales.

Anonymous said...

Foxy Brown,I agree with almost everything you say, except the African fruit pickers don't go home again. And they're not tracked down and deported.

Also, you write: "Greg Dyke's comment about the BBC being "hideously white," was ludicrous. There are dozens of non-white, high-profile TV presenters and journos."

With respect, you're missing the point. The BBC could be completely white and it would still be OK because that is the colour of 95% of British people. We are under no obligation, other than fanciful, hate-filled NuLab diktats, to make our institutions "representative".

Immigrants who make a positive contribution are welcome, but they have to fit into our culture and our way of doing things. This is how integration takes place and has historically taken place on these islands. The newcomers fit in.

I do agree with your other points, though.

Anonymous said...

The ordinary working class people, increasingly discriminated against via affermative action schemes, and seeing their hard eaned wealth disappearing into the hands of those who should be here only at their sufferance, will continue to trun in droves to the BNP. And the MSM and politicos will continue to ridicule and libel them, and twitter on about how Britain has moved on (while continuing to support draconian anti-free speech laws *just to make damn sure* Britain has moved on. 'They were barriers in the way of our inevitable progression towards socialism' as the Romanians once put it).

I listened to James Grey, Cameron's Cutie, just yesterday. He spoke about how the Tories had to show their caring, hug-a-hoodie, multi-racial, multicultural, 'modern' side. All the while, hundreds of thousands are defecting, not to the beige Tories, but to a party whose views have made *Tebbit*, the Chingford Skinhead, reach for the 'Fascism' smear-gun. To embrace this reality would be modern, to hide from it is modern in the same sense that Marx's nineteenth centruy theories are progressive.

Anonymous said...

That was a very good post, Alex Zeka. Affirmative action is reverse discrimination and that is still discrimination. So the indigenous British, whose ancestors fought for this country, and who have fashioned this country through the centuries, are being discriminated against on their own property.

Cameron is completely severed from reality if he doesn't understand this. There is no such thing as "multiculturalism". It is a vicious communist construct for control. Tell them that day is night for long enough - 50 years, perhaps - and they will begin to wonder if their own perceptions are correct.

The left is spiteful,vicious and destructive. There is absolutely no reason to trust them to run the proverbial whelk stall. David Cameron is a coward. The left is using islam, which it doesn't understand, as a rod to beat the backs of the people who own this country as a birthright.

Anonymous said...

I, a lifelong Tory voter, will not vote Tory as long as he is leading the party...

I thought you'd escaped from the UK Verity.

Anonymous said...

fb, I've no problem with some immigration, but you questioned how 2 million people come in the last 3 years, and I expect the figure is higher.
I think one of the big reasons is because our immigration controls have been taken over by the EU which is unaccountable and has the intention of undermining the nation states.

I consider it an outrage that the EU has any influence on our immigration policy at all, since when have the British people ever agreed to this hugely significant power transfer.

Anonymous said...


As Nick Ridley (RIP) said the EU is a Franco-German racket. Both these member states dictate policy, but will always put the common good of their respective countries first. The French government gave a resounding 'non' to the polish plumber in the interests of maintaining social cohesion.

The French masses would have taken to the streets and rioted had their country suffered an influx of migrant workers.

Anonymous said...

Every BNP vote is a vote against the PC alliance. I actually voted UKIP last time and would do so again, but it's a wasted vote. Sorry if you hate me but it is a BNP vote from me next time. I can see trtouble ahead.
I have my children learning HenryV and valueing their culture and martial arts.

Anonymous said...

alan g - of course I escaped from the UK!

As a citizen of Britain - unlike so many immigrants in the ghettos who somehow manage to get hold of postal voting forms,via friendly imams with photocopiers - I can still vote by right of citizenship and birth. I'm still British.

I have no comment on the blossoming of democracy among the islamic voters, many of whom love it so much they vote several times under different names. This is what's known, in Britain, as 'going postal'.

But I have a legitimate vote, via birth and hundreds, and probably thousands, of years on the territory of what is now known as Britain.

Anonymous said...

I can still vote by right of citizenship and birth. I'm still British

I thought it was capped at 15-years absence from this Sceptred Isle

Anonymous said...

"Dave said...

fb, I've no problem with some immigration, but you questioned how 2 million people come in the last 3 years, and I expect the figure is higher.
I think one of the big reasons is because our immigration controls have been taken over by the EU which is unaccountable and has the intention of undermining the nation states."

Vladimir Bukovsky, a Soviet dissident imprisoned in various psychiatric institutions, expands on this line in the pamphlet EUSSR

To quote from the introduction:

"For anyone even remotely familiar with the Soviet system, its similarity with the developing structures of the European Union (EU), with its governing philosophy and "Democratic deficit", its endemic corruption and bureaucratic ineptitude is striking. For anyone who lived under the Soviet tyranny or its equivalents across the world - it is frightening. Once again we observe with growing horror the emergence of a Leviathan which we had hoped was dead and buried, a monster which destroyed scores of nations, impoverished millions and devastated several generations before finally collapsing. Is it inevitable? Is the human race bent on self-destruction and doomed to repeat the same mistake time and again until it dies in misery? Or, is the EU, indeed, simply a clone of the USSR imposed upon reluctant nations of Europe by the same political forces which created the first one?"

He gave a speech in Brussels a while ago:

"Former Soviet Dissident Warns For EU Dictatorship"

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Voyager, but I haven't been away for anything like 15 years.

Anonymous said...

Certainly, the EUSSR is a clone of the USSR and will cause similar misery through greed of the nomenklatura - Tony and Cherie Blair, Edith Cresson, Jacques Chirac and his buddy M Trichet, both Kinnocks, among hordes of others - stupidity, and a drive to control.

They have already turned the ancient, much-admired and much-copied British system of justice upside down - so people in prison can sue because they had their drugs confiscated and someone involved in an armed stand-off with the police could insist on his human right to send for some take-away chicken.

I have long said, it is all intentional. None of this is happening by mistake. It is not a case of unforeseen consequences.