Sunday, February 04, 2007

Is anti-Semitism the new anti-Semitism ?

White attackers were responsible for anti-Semitic incidents in fewer than half of those where the colour or racial background of the perpetrator was identified. More than a third, 37 per cent, of attackers whose background was known were Asian or Arab.

Since 1984, when the recording of anti-Semitic incidents by the trust began, white attackers have been in a minority only last year and in 2004.

The report said a disprortionate number of the attacks were carried out by people from ethnic minorities. It said: "The percentage overall is clearly not contiguous with the ethnic breakdown of the general population of the UK."

Its findings were challenged by officials working for London Mayor Ken Livingstone - whose own battle against suspension from office over an alleged antisemitic remark is recorded by the report as one of the "trigger events" that was followed by a number of anti-Semitic attacks.

I'm never sure about this 'trigger event' theory, which in its Charles Kennedy variant postulated that every time Michael Howard spoke about immigration a black youth had his car set alight. I think the people who carry out attacks should be held responsible, not someone who may or may not have said something that may or may not have "contributed to a climate" which may or may not have influenced some racist attacker or other. Apparently every time a BNP councillor is elected a little fairy dies.

But it is entertaining to see Ken Livingstone hoist with this particular left petard.

In the meantime, as Natalie reports, Guardian readers and Livingstone voters will continue to march chanting "Khaibar, Khaibar, Oh Jew, the army of Mohammed will return!"


Anonymous said...

Weren't there anti-semitic banners in the protests against the Danish Mohammed cartoon last year?

Anonymous said...

"The percentage overall is clearly not contiguous with the ethnic breakdown of the general population of the UK"

No shit, Sherlock. Less than 2% of the population responsible for 37% of the attacks. But hey, watch out for that mythical rampant Islamophobia right?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - percentagewise, dream on. The muslims/pakistanis are now up to five percent. We need to stop child benefits at two children. And none at all for families that are not in Britain legitimately.

Anonymous said...

All this "racism" stuff in the Uk seems to consist of redefined offences such as looking at people and making them uncomfortable, or making some remark..........definitions are being stretched in many cases

Laban said...

"We need to stop child benefits at two children"

Oi ! I've got four !

Anonymous said...

It is worth noting just who the UAF lot are as they are allowed to do their intimidating with the backing of the government and bbc and all the media unquestioned.
Weyman Bennett is a British Trotskyist and a member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers' Party. He was national organiser of the Anti-Nazi League and is vice-chair of Unite Against Fascism.

Type of attacks the UAF and bbc don't wonto know about:

Act now to stop racist attacks

THE recent attack upon a Rabbi by a gang of youths is not a surprise to me, nor to members of the orthodox Jewish community of Seven Sisters, who have come to expect a gauntlet of spitting, name-calling and minor shoving as they walk to Sabbath worship or family visits.
The council is doing nothing and the only reason I can think of is that they are terrified of acknowleging that the trouble comes almost exclusively from African youths.

Anonymous said...

The longest hatred.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is important is offences that were convicted, how many of these "incidents" fall into that category?

Laban said...

Foxy should be blogging. She knows more history than I do.

Anonymous said...

There was the case of a 12 year old girl on a bus in Mill Hill who was kicked unconscious by thugs just because she was Jewish!

And many more similar incidents have occurred, although in the most part the victims are too scared to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

And Melanie Phillips sums up the antisemitism with amazing accuracy and accuity:

Anonymous said...

How to limit births by the incomers but boost births amongst the natives?

No way out of that I fear while we are saddled with the "well they were born here frame of mind"

Verity - the concession the elites will wring out is to legalise everyone, they are halfway to that already. A million legal incomers is fine apparently, a million illegals is not. In the harsh world of demographics and ethnic/religious conflict there is no difference though.

When the time comes, and things turn really nasty, we will out who is 'us' and who is 'them' regardless of birthplace or passport.