Friday, February 09, 2007

No To Homophobic Chanting

Homophobic chanting is to be explicitly banned at football stadiums for the first time by the Football Association.

Does this mean an end to songs such as :

Bradford boys, we are here, wo-oh,
Bradford boys, we are here, wo-oh,
Bradford boys, we are here,
S****** your women and drinking your beer,
Wo-oh, wo-oh-oh, wo-oh

Barnsley boys, they are queer, wo-oh
Barnsley boys, they are queer, wo-oh
Barnsley boys, they are queer,
Don't s*** women and they don't drink beer
Wo-oh, wo-oh-oh, wo-oh

I guess it does. Only sexism to go now.


Anonymous said...

Elton John has described on occasion how when he was chairman of Watford he would frequently find himself sitting with his mother in the director's box whilst 5000 away fans were singing-

'He's fat, he's queer,
he takes it up the rear,
Elton John...'

Martin said...


A couple of verses which still readily spring to a good Unionist's mind after 30 years away from a taxpayer-funded Catholic primary school in Glasgow -

"If I had the wings of a sparrow,
If I had the a*se of a crow,
I'd fly over Ibrox tomorrow
And sh*te on the b*st*rds below'

Slightly better than that was'

'Roamin' in the gloamin'
With a shamrock in my hand
Roamin'in the gloamin'
With St. Patrick's Fenian band,
And when the music stops
F*ck King Billy and John Knox
What it is to die a Roman Catholic!'

And we expect the Muslims to integrate?

Anonymous said...

"Only sexism to go now."

Please don't give them ideas....!

How exactly are they supposed to enforce this, anyway? CCTV of the 'choir' monitored by a lip reader to try to figure out if the rule is breached, and by whom...?

Anonymous said...

I think it's the Brighton fans who take it the most.

dearieme said...

There are people who think football is a bit sissie anyway.

Anonymous said...

The policing of crowds is something with an element of risk for the authorities - they should approach with great care.........wasn't it at Stonewall in 1969 that police provoked a backlash that unleashed quite a few can happen in other directions too !

Anonymous said...

I guess that had Justin Fashanu not died, we'd be no longer able to sing to the tune of Qunatalamera...

'Score with his brother. He can only score with his brother...'