Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another Human Rights Triumph

Remember the people who killed Zainab Kalokoh at a Peckham christening ?

Police believe two brothers who killed a woman at a christening may get shorter sentences because they lied about their ages.

Diamond Babamuboni and his younger brother Timy claim they are 15 and 17.

They have both been convicted of killing Zainab Kalokoh at a christening in Peckham last year.

But officers believe they are older and say they could now get leaner sentences because they will be sentenced as juveniles.

Both refused to undergo dental checks - the only way of telling someone's age.

But neither the courts or police can force people to have the checks because it violates their human rights,so the authorities have been left powerless.

The pair, with Jude Odigie, 16, will be sentenced in February after being found guilty of manslaughter.

If police were able to prove they were older it would mean they are sentenced as adults and could be locked up for longer.

A police spokesman said: "Officers are not convinced those are the ages the defendants claimed to be."

Police cannot be sure of their ages because they arrived illegally from Nigeria at an early age and have no records.


Martin said...

It stories like this that make me regret retiring 'Foreign Criminals of the Day'...

Anonymous said...

Since they arrived from Nigeria ands don't know their ages let's declare them 19 year old White males with Combat 18 background.....then we can lose the key

Anonymous said...

Will the judge recommend deportation? If so how many HR lawyers will spring to their aid to defend them?

Anonymous said...

how many HR lawyers will spring to their aid?

If she wasn't so busy I suspect this lady would be at the head of the queue