Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tomorrow Belongs To Me

Chavez becomes dictator of Venezuela.

He wants to scrap presidential term limits and rewrite the constitution to build what he calls "socialism for the 21st Century". Officials say he has no intention of turning Venezuela into a communist state, arguing that freedom of speech and religion will all be safe.

Ah, yes. Freedom of speech will be as free as it can be in a country where there's no freedom of property.


Anonymous said...

Let's see, where could Chavez exile his political opponents to?

Anonymous said...

The BBC "report" (adulatory puff piece would be a closer description) also claimed that he had been "granted" these extra powers by the assembly.

So, this is the assembly that he has stuffed full of his own supporters by corruption and intimidation? The BBC can be remarkably cynical about the minutae of detail in some circumstances (i.e. anything to do with the USA) but is an innocent babe on the most obvious of facts. This can be nothing other than a deliberate ploy.

Anonymous said...

As the song says: "Here's the new boss, same as the old boss"

Anonymous said...

His first act is expected to be to close down an opposition TV station. How's that for free speech?