Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A British Muslim soldier is thought to have been singled out as the target of a terror cell in Birmingham.

Security sources say the gang was going to video him pleading with Tony Blair to pull troops out of Iraq before beheading him. The serviceman, in his twenties, is now under police guard.

Not very nice, is it ? Still, if lots of religious bookshops are flogging DVDs of Russians having their throats cut by the Glorious Chechen Resistance, I suppose it's only a matter of time before someone in Brum or Dewsbury decides that home video is where it's at.

What would worry me even more would be if the victims were random natives. Quite apart from the victim's sufferings, you'd have an exodus of the few remaining Brummies from the Sparkhills and Small Heaths of this world. Instant segregation.


Anonymous said...

"What would worry me even more would be if the victims were random natives."

That's exactly the thought I had when I saw the headline. And, if we can think of it, it's pretty likely the Islamists have thought of it. I believe that they have used the tactic in other places, such as Thailand.

I think that the terrorising effects of this could actually be greater than the threat of suicide bombings. It would render people unsafe even in their own homes, and would render virtually everyone a potential victim, although I expect that people seen as particular enemies, such as soldiers (and their families) and clergymen would be most at risk.

Anonymous said...

The man doing a piece to camera on the BBC News At Ten tonight said, "What's even more surprising is that such an incident hasn't already happened."

This kind of stopped me in my tracks. If somebody had said ten years ago that we ought to be grateful that Islamists weren't going round beheading sundy folk... Mad times.

Anonymous said...

It would certainly make life very perilous for Muslims in Europe but that is the intention.

Our furry friends in the ratruns of Afghanistan and benefit offices of Britain intend to transfer their turmoil to Western Europe which of course would destroy the current regimes in the EU and bring forth new rougher power brokers who would prosecute matters with more gusto than hitherto

Anonymous said...

"The serviceman, in his twenties, is now under police guard."

Is the army now so emasculated and poorly equipped they have to be guarded by PC Plod?
Funny how you never hear of B'liar & co's enforcers being short on body armour or firepower though........

Anonymous said...

"What would worry me even more would be if the victims were random natives."

The mainstream media would ignore it and at the same time create some bogus Shilpa Shetty Big Brother Racism type 'scandal' to distract the sheep.

So, no need to worry.

Anonymous said...

Well, they wrong footed me on this one. For a long time I have been thinking that it is only a matter of time until a major terrorist attack takes place whose perpetrators are from Birmingham. I told everyone that if something happens in Brum it will be either a suicide bombing in the Bull Ring or a van exploded outside a nightclub on Broad Street full of ‘dancing sluts’. But the more I think of it the more I think this would have been perfect for the low grade jihadis that this city has in plentiful supply. Remember the Dispatches programme with the black American fundamentalist? He preaches openly in Birmingham mosques, including saying how any Muslim in the police force or army is a kaffir and traitor. So what do people expect? Stick a Neo Nazi preacher in working class white areas and let him speak without challenge and you will get a rise in racist violence. Put a Nazi Muslim preacher in Alum Rock and what do you think, the kids are just going to pick daisies after he’s spoken?

At the bottom of the road where my parents live on the other side of Birmingham is a terraced house converted into a madrassa. The area is mixed, with hardly any Muslims. Mostly white, Sikh, Jamaican. Why a madrassa has to be located where there are hardly any Muslims in the area is another question, but they are bussed in. Whilst Indian children go home to do homework after school, or just have a childhood and play football with their mates or whatever, straight after school thousands of Muslim children are sent for hardcore brainwashing at their most intellectually vulnerable years. No wonder their school grades are sub-standard. Their minds are stunted to begin with. How can that prepare you for success in a modern secular knowledge economy? So the mass of Muslims churns out another generation of sullen under achievers who are taught from childhood that the world is divided into Muslims and the rest --- and the rest are conspiring to keep them down. No wonder the tacit support and tolerance for the Nazi rhetoric and chatter that accompanies all this is high. We are literally living in a different moral and mental dimension to these people. That is what is difficult for most people to grasp.

By the way, in the Independent this morning, I read an article about the area where some of the arrests were made, Sparkhill, and it talked about how Hindu women attending a temple there are regularly abused and intimidated by Muslim youths. Yes, I recognise that story. But that is for another time.


Anonymous said...

Further to my previous post.

On reflection, IMHO, if the beheaders of random natives were (or could be said to be) Jihadis of some sort, then the intelligence agencies would make sure there was plenty of publicity.
At least, in order to justify their existence and get a bigger budget.

If the beheaders were 'Asian Invasion' type thugs who want nothing more than respec' in da hood. The mainstream media would ignore it.

Think Kris Donald, Charlene Downes etc.

Anonymous said...

"Muslim children are sent for hardcore brainwashing at their most intellectually vulnerable years. No wonder their school grades are sub-standard."

That's the beauty of it really. The process of brainwashing them also mentally cripples them. They are destined to be life's losers. Unless they can sell oil, Muslim countries are always poor because their form of religion denies free thought. Islam also forbids the lending or borrowing of money. Thus they can never have any real money. Since they never have any money, they can never have any real power either.

Anonymous said...

I've always said that the early brainwashing of muslims was their most lethal weapon. Yes, they are taught to be judgemental, disapproving little losers and benefit suckers.

But there is also dangerous brainwashing of adults. Prayers five times a day. That means they are either preparing for prayers, travelling to prayers, praying, returning from prayers and start planning for the next prayers. In other words, all this praying crap ensures that their minds are focussed on being muslims every waking minute. No wonder there is so little creativity, if any, among islamics.

No one would have the nerve to do it, but islam should be classified as a cult because it is totally into mind control and obedience.

A Brummie said...

Innocent until proven guilty etc.

However the vibes I pick up don't really care about that, their minds are already made up.

Critical mass not far away.