Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Way back when, some of us started an interactive novel on the Evening Standard notice boards.

Sophie's romantic(?) boys-meet-girl 'fic' isn't interactive, but she's up to Chapter 208 as I write.

I must admit I hadn't heard of this 'fic' thing ? Is it 'hot on the street (man)' ?. Are there thousands of fics ? Would Soph's work be 'chick-fic' ?

Anyone read the whole thing ?


Anonymous said...

hiya Laban :-)

Your post brought back some fond memories of days before the bombings started here in the UK, and I was warning everyone that it'll happen... a thread called Britainistan got pulled because it might cause offence... and we had good clean fun.

Was it with whom I was discussing the rise of China as a superpower then?

Things have changed, but Love in the Time of Anthrax was brilliant, and still lives on...

Laban said...

Hi Nanette - nice of you to drop by. You're not forgotten here.

Anonymous said...

You're not forgotten either Laban.

The sad creature that I am, I kept the threads from TiL in the early days - and when I look back, some of them were just too prophetic.

Look at where we are now, but if people would have listened to us instead of censoring us, I'm 100% sure that 7/7 would never have happened.

I'm still as obnoxious to some folks as I ever was, but really don't care any more... :o)

Take care for now.