Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Paris Paradise ?

Whereas about 1,500 new apartments were built per year prior to the new system, that number is now about 4,000, says Helen Schwoerer, OPAC’s head of public housing architecture. Two-thirds of OPAC’s work is infill, and the rest is new construction.

The city has also distributed projects over a much wider area of Paris. Officials from OPAC and other city agencies are working to ensure that all quarters contain 20 percent public housing, and they have announced that all new buildings in wealthier quarters must include at least 25 percent affordable housing in their programs.

During last year's Paris riots a deal of attention was paid to the rings of isolated estates surrounding the city. It look as though they're going to try and distribute the inhabitants around the posh bits. An innovative strategy.

Architectural Record, perhaps unsurprisingly, seem to think the riots were caused by the "heavy, blocky, and still insensitively scaled" nature of "faceless, block-style" social housing.


Gordon Freece said...

These "better" housing projects will remain better precisely until they are occupied by inhabitants of public housing. If you poop on the couch instead of the terlet, it'll smell the same. The good news is the analogy fails on an important point: Poop is poop, but people can change.

Free up the economy to create jobs, stop paying people not to work, and they'll work. Then they'll move into nicer neighborhoods the minute they can afford to. And if they've got jobs, they won't turn the nice neighborhoods into combat zones on arrival.

Slagella said...

Well there's bugger-all being built in Brighton. Whole streets are being taken over by buy-to-slum merchants to cram in the formerly better-housed young.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Mussies, guv'nor. Wouldn't want to say that, or the church'll kick me out, n' the council'll take me flat. They keep on sayin' I'm gettin' in the way of all those hard workin' Africans, who just wanna, um, work hard. Best be quiet, don't wanna end up like that Irving bloke. Yush, the arhcitecture made 'em do it. Mon dieu, those buildings would make anyone flip. Especially a hard workin' someone like those mussies.