Thursday, February 01, 2007

"All the elements of sexual crime"

Both sides agreed that the woman, referred to as H, who was finishing her army service, asked to be photographed hugging Ramon. According to the indictment, she then tried to leave, but “the defendant continued to embrace her body with one hand and drew her near.

“With the other hand, he grasped her cheeks, turned her face toward him and pressed his lips to her lips, while inserting his tongue into her mouth, all without her consent.”

Haim Ramon, 56, faces up to three years in prison after a court rejected his defence that his kiss with the 21-year-old was consensual.

Now let's face it, that's not the act of a gentleman. He should have had his face slapped. But isn't this a bit OTT ? I know one or two chaps who got more than they bargained for when an older (and chardonnay-soaked) female colleague gave them a Christmas kiss, but you have to weave the coarse thread into life's rich tapestry somehow.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if young men learned how to talk to women this would never have happened and the world would be a happier place all round.

Anonymous said...

I don't think its over the top. There is a problem withn soldiers being abused by their commanders. This was not a normal situation.

(Well it may be over the top if they actually had to serve 3 years but I very much doubt that.)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if young women knew how to talk to young men who wanted to talk to them the world would be a happier place all round.

Anonymous said...

Men have the impression that all women are gagging for it and up for a jolly good f**k. Women do not help matters by acting like pseudo-males and buying into the ladette culture.

Anonymous said...

It does seem OTT but I think the point is that Israel still has some macho elements (particularly in the army and politics - which often overlap) that might seem quite old fashioned to people in the UK and the courts are trying to send the message that those days are over.