Monday, January 29, 2007

Quote Of The Day

From Dumb Jon in the comments here :

Liberal world view is based upon the idea that we are at a unique moment in human history when now, for the first time ever, a civilisation can get by without the family, a shared narrative, a code of honour, objective truth, a sense of consequences or, well, any of the other 871 things the Left sneers at whenever traditional values are mentioned. Apparently, every civilisation that has existed in the past 5000 years has been a ghastly mistake.

Well, now we've got a chance to test that hypothesis.


Anonymous said...

DJ has hit the nail on the head again!


Anonymous said...

You'd think that if you were going to dedicate your life to banging on and on about liberals, you might make the effort to find out what they actually believe.

Nah - easier just to make it up.

Laban said...

Larry - I read the Guardian for more than 20 years. I've been to more left meetings and committes, and on more demos (and to more squat parties and free festivals) than you've had tofu and mung bean salads.

Don't tell me I don't know my target s. I was one of them for long enough. No offence.

PS - to generalise a tad, liberals as a group don't really 'believe' in anything since Clause 4 went and the Soviet Union collapsed. That's one of their problems. But they know what they're against.

Anonymous said...

If that is accurate Laban howcome so many people fall for it?

Laban said...

that's a big question. One component is the post-Christian legacy of guilt - "my sin is ever before me" reacting with the Rousseau-style 'we're all basically good' heresy.

Put them together and you get "we as a whole are sinners" (i.e. the straight white society most of them grew up in) but I as an individual are a good person.

This mindset explains things like liberals (and Indie front pages) going on about global warming while taking lots of cheap flights to exotic third world destinations (or advertising them in the case of the Indie).

It's a brilliant synthesis of ideas. All the superority of religious belief but without the need to actually act on those beliefs.