Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Here We Go ...

Following the homosexual adoption brouhaha, the Sally Army are being told that their Inverness homeless hostel will lose funding - unless they allow people to get drunk on the premises. At present the hostels are dry.

Huntly House has received local authority funding since 1984.

However, councillor Peter Corbett said the council was under pressure to provide "wet" hostels where rules on alcohol are less strict.

Mr Corbett, councillor for Merkinch, said council officials have warned that the authority cannot continue funding Huntly House in its present form.

He said Highland was under increasing pressure to ensure care for all homeless people - including those who are disruptive because they may have addiction problems.

Mr Corbett said: "Huntly House will have to take that on board.

"They do have highly trained, highly qualified staff who work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they do know how to deal with clients such as these."

So a home which tries to create a peaceful and safe environment will have to take disruptive p***heads - because hey, their lifestyle is as valid as anyone else's.

A few years back Robert Whelan of Civitas wrote The Corrosion of Charity, on how :

The emergence in the late twentieth century of a rights-based, universal welfare state has posed a dilemma for the voluntary sector. Unable to compete with the state in terms of resources or coverage, many charities have become little more than government sub-contractors, charging fees to provide services. As a result, charities have lost some of their independence, their capacity to be innovative, and their special significance as primary institutions of civil society, providing training grounds for good citizenship.

The Sally Army are still a lot more than Government subbies - for the moment. But they're supping with the Devil, and will need a lang spoon.


AntiCitizenOne said...

I was thinking that an organisation could be formed called "REAL CHARITY" with a brand etc. for charities that refuse to accept money that is extorted from citizens.

Anonymous said...

What about the human rights of the current occupants, who may be sincerely trying to give up the booze, not to have to cope with those only interested in temporary shelter to carry on their 'lifestyle'...?

Oh, I forgot. They never count, do they...

Anonymous said...

God, I am so glad I got out of this perverted, abnormal, socialist hell. Everyone should get out. Leave the welfare recipients and muzzies behind with no workers to fund them or pay for their medical problems. No wealth producers. Nada. That means, as they are non-producers of anything (there isn't a market, so far as I know, in hot air), no one to produce wealth to pay to keep them alive. Sounds like a plan.

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that, just when sodomy and alcoholism are being redefined as lifestyle choices that religious communities should tolerate, supporting the BNP is becoming viewed as a deadly sin for which expulsion from te church is the only sufficient remedy. The church is abandoning its spiritual mission and accepting a new political role as the Commissars of cultural marxism. The Orthodox Church of my forebearers' childhoods had more guts than that.

Anonymous said...

No spoon is long enough.

They should refuse the state's shilling and go it alone.

So, incidentally, should Oxford University.

And the public schools.

All are being destroyed by the same method.