Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Is He Mad, Or Am I ?

A lot of Evidence-Based Research into Institutional Racism in Medicine is solidly based around the foundational premise that the General Medical Council (GMC) remains largely unaccountable for its Racist Practices in relation to the manner in which it fundamentally controls entry into the Medical Profession , the way that it effectively modulates Clinical Career Progression for Medical Undergraduates and Postgraduates, the Powerful Apparatus it wields and Clandestine Modus Operandi which it formidably calls into play during the handling of certain Statutory Professional Complaints against certain Medical Doctors from certain Ethnic Backgrounds - and the utterly despicable way in which it devilishly rewards most of those of its Senior White Doctors (including Medical Association Topdogs and Medical Journal Editors) who are gracious enough to turn an absolutely unseeing eye to any substantiated hard evidence of it's (Gobsmackingly Flabberghasting) , Wanton Regulatory Corruption.

And there's a whole lot more, some I would have thought potentially libellous, at Abolish The GMC.

A glance at the BBC news pages is enough to reveal the hideous sexism and racism of the medical profession - against white males, as it happens.

Researchers at Oxford University say white men, who make up 44% of the UK population, accounted for 26% of new medical students in 2001.

They said medicine is increasingly dominated by white women and people from ethnic minorities, particularly those from the Asian community.


Anonymous said...

What is this patronising "Asian community"? Do they mean the Indian "community"? The Sikh "community"? The Chinese "community"? The muslim "community"?

No one outside Britain understands all this talk about Asians in the British media and the British government.

DJ said...

What is it with these people and Random Capital Letters ? Call it a wild shot in the dark, but I'm guessing this dude also refers to himself in the third person ?

Anonymous said...

White men in Blighty are fast becoming like one of those endangered first-nation indigenous cultures of the New World.

Anonymous said...

verity, we often hear about "people in the the hispanic community" and "people in the black community" here in the US, from liberal types. It's a sort of rhetorical compassionate head tilt.

I think it comes from people who feel weird when they say "black people"; I think it sounds to them like they're calling somebody a bad name, when they call him black, or asian.

You can draw your own conclusions about why "black" sounds to them like an epithet. I suspect your conclusions will resemble mine.

But anyway, never mind that crap — these dudes, these GMC dudes, they've got a Clandestine Modus Operandi! Man, what a great phrase. It's beautiful, man. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

P.Froward - I don't know that there's any such thing as "the black community" in the US any more, given that middle class and moneyed-class black people live among whites and vice versa. Like unto like. If you're middle class and share my values - like keeping your lawn mowed and don't let your kids park in front of my driveway - you're one of us. Colour isn't relevant any more in the middle classes.

But the left is winning. White men, the drivers of civilisation, are being demasculinised.

Why, I wonder? This is a genuine question: Why?

Ideas? Also, why have white men enabled this garbage on their own patch? David Cameron is a leftie man and has a disabled kid to prove it. Weakness is king!

Anonymous said...

Asian community

Quite apart from a mealy-mouthed attempt to avoid using the word 'muslim', it's also a form of rhetorical possession, as is...

"people in the black community"

the use of community in this context seems to imply a clone-like uniformity. Huge numbers of people are thus reduced to a predictable mass whose members are incapable of choice or moral agency. And if an individual (within the mass) misbehaves, he is simply responding to some environmental prompt which is someone else's 'fault', and which is inflicted upon the entire mass from outside e.g. 'racism'. The leftist is the plucky little guy who is fighting off those prompts.

Many Democrats (and Labour people over here) practice a form of possessive racism that insists that blacks are politically valid only if they support the party that has finally chosen to patronise them. Those blacks who have the insolence to exhibit choice are vilified. Thus Clarence Thomas was accused of ‘historic ingratitude’ by the the NYT’s Maureen Dowd, while the liberal cartoonist Ted Rall despicted Condi Rice as Bush’s ‘house nigga’. The white man is free to vote however he chooses, while the black has become the enfranchised property of the Left.

Anonymous said...

Indians are over-represented in the medical profession in the UK because of the high premium that Indian society and culture places on the status of Doctors. Indian parents guide their children into the profession and they work hard and succeed. This just highlights the falsity of much of the debate surrounding the issue generally. If you believe that all jobs and institutions must have minority representation according to national population average and only that criteria, then what do you do when some fields are marked by the over-representation of minority groups for cultural reasons, for example, Indians in medicine? Do you put a restriction on that? Now that would be real discrimination, but that is where this logic ultimately takes us!

Personally I see it as an example of excellence when minorities 'over-achieve', in the same way that the Jewish community 'over-achieves' in some areas through its own dedication and hard work. And that's what we should be encouraging, right? Rather than sullen victimhood claims and excuses for under-achievment at academic and employment and business levels?


Edward said...

And it's the same with the law...

Anonymous said...

It's rather odd how the definition of the word community has altered. Before it meant everyone, now it pertains to a group of people of a racial, religious or sexual identity.

Anonymous said...

Well this would appear to be another front of the great Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi.
As they say, if it looks like a duck,walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be the quack professor. check him out here

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jay, Indians and Jews are "over-represented" - what a stupid phrase (dividing up jobs by ethnicity is beyond raving) - in the medical and legal professions. Good for them, say I! I always choose Indian or Jewish doctor if there is a choice. Barrister-wise, Indians being among the most argumentative people on the planet, and undeniably among the most intelligent and articulate, they are also a good bet for fighting your legal corner for you.

P.Froward - I don't know that I would term it a "compassionate head tilt" at all. Frankly, I think it shows the speaker's contempt, which they try to disguise by adding the fuzzy, inclusive word "community". Because their own perception that saying "black" or "Hispanic" without the moderator would be rude - which tells you who the real racists are. To me, that is a little window into the skittering leftie mind.

The same mind is "over-represented", if I may borrow a phrase, in Britain. They are scared to say 'muslim' or'Pakistani' because they perceive it as an insult. So they soften it to 'muslim community'.

One thing I enjoy about the United States is how the American left turns on any black - as mentioned by a commenter above - who fails to stay on the victim plantation. Condoleezza Rice is seen as betraying something - although what she is supposed to have betrayed by becoming Secretary of State of the most powerful country in the world is difficult to get one's head round.

And yes, I was living in the US when Clarence Thomas, nominee to the Supreme Court, for God's sake! - was somehow perceived by the left as being a traitor. They hated it that he had achieved this elevated status
without "affirmative action". He did it because he was clever. Oh, boo hoo! He didn't need the patronising help of the left.

Finally, I would imagine the Hindus and the Sikhs are sick to death of being bundled in, as job ethnic lots, with the Pakistanis/muslims.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that the very members of the Public whom the General Medical Council (GMC) fervently claims to be protecting - are currently rejecting the GMC 'en masse' at

Another related article on the matter appears here . . . and it also seems that a UK Political Party (with a profound Human Rights ethic)has also publicly endorsed the petition here !