Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Who Attacked Keith Reid ?

Stories like this bother me.

A man is fighting for his life after being stabbed several times in Walsall. The 42-year-old, named locally as Keith Reid, was chased through the town centre by a gang of men before being attacked in Wednesbury Road at around 11.55pm yesterday. He was taken to Walsall Manor Hospital with multiple wounds where his condition is described as serious. Police say he had been chased from the town down Corporation Street before being attacked by the gang.

Poor guy. Imagine that - a bunch of people with knives chasing you, like they chased poor Martin Dinnegan. More at the Mail :

The man, aged 42 and from Walsall, was in the town centre when he was confronted by a number of people. He was pursued by the group and suffered multiple stab wounds. The victim was today said to be in a serious condition. The incident happened in Wednesbury Road near its junction with Corporation Street and Milton Street.

Is this just a completely random attack ? Who were the attackers ? Anyone know ?


Anonymous said...

Well they certainly belong to that well known criminal group - the MONA - Men Of No Appearance - so that narrows things down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Anon: I prefer Men of No Discernible Ethnic Origin (MONDEOs)

(Copyright: me)

In a similar vein, BBC news yesterday carried this story about a man murdered in Bedworth. Unusually, they actually described the attacker as 'black or Asian'.

Today that description has disappeared (following an arrest in all fairness), and the emphasis is all on the (white) witness.


Anonymous said...

MONDEO - I like it.

I got MONA via:

Dumb Jon

He got it from Tim Blair I think.

Anonymous said...

The Labour Govt. issued a few years ago a "guide to journalists" which I am trying hard to find - annoyingly I had a copy of it.

Basically it instructed journalists to omit to mention the ethnic origin of suspects.

If I do find it I will post the link. It's Orwellian stuff.

Anonymous said...

Found it. It's called - teethgrindingly enough "reporting diversity".


Anonymous said...

Can't get that URL to work.

Have they deleted it already?

Anonymous said...

Anon: Try this.


Straight to the pdf: http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/communities/pdf/151921.pdf

This particular bit jumped out at me. Apparently journalists should be:

"seeing their role as more than
chronicling what happens.
Journalists will want to see it also as breaking down barriers to
understanding so that everyone can
live together in harmony."


Laban said...

But be fair. While I know what you mean re the Men Of No Appearance, natives are quite capable of generating an armed mob. We'll have to wait to find out.

Anonymous said...

Point taken Laban.

Anonymous said...

core stand kieth reid hes now doing 15 years for rape hes well known in walsall as hes a pimp,and a drug dealer thats why hr got stabbed over drugs

Little Wobbler said...

He was a big timer in the 80's before the drugs sunk their claws into him. He was also a really nice guy if you knew him. It's the drug addiction that changed him into the person he is now. I knew him back then. And his twin brothers too. (One of which was killed accidentally by his other twin)
It's really a sad story, what happened to Keith and how he changed.