Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fame At Last ?

Huzzah ! Coppers and other organs of the state all over the BBC - who are neither Sir Ian Blair not the late Mike Todd - nor any of his (approx) 10 mistresses, all of whom have been offered compassionate leave.

Today at 1.30 pm on Radio Four's Media Show - Inspector Gadget.

The Magistrate (who sounds just the well-educated liberal chap that his blog presents) and the Policeman can be heard on Radio Four's "Law In Action" - 18 minutes in. Nightjack gets a mention too.


Anonymous said...

It does say that said leave will part of their holiday entitlement, not extra time off.

Otherwise every plodette for miles around would be bunking off work. After all how would they even know who his lady friends were?

Edwin Greenwood said...

A whole new career on the steam wireless is yours for the taking, Laban. What say the Edward Pearce of the Marches?

The man Gadget well deserves his celebrity; I just hope that, like PC Copperfield, he has his escape route planned. Though I think you are sometimes a touch harsh on Bystander, who is necessarily subject to the logistical constraints of practical scrote management.

DJ said...


Overuse of the vertical pronoun

Labelling critics as 'ignorant'

Blames it all on the 'tabloid agenda'

Ludicrous point of reference (yes, indeed, most people walk free, but that's for lesser offences)

Yep, Bystander's a liberal alright.