Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Upholding values which the market alone cannot generate"

Gordon Brown takes hypocrisy into hyperspace.

"My values - the values of the country - celebrate hard work, and effort, and enterprise, and responsible risk-taking ..."

Do they hell. The values of this government include rewarding irresponsibility and idleness, punishing hard work and self-sufficiency, and attempting to abolish risk in the guise of 'health and safety' - while completely ignoring moral hazard.

And the values of the country ? Hmm. 'Get, spend, drink, **** ?' Not all the country, but a substantial chunk. The son of the manse has done his bit to stamp on the remnants of a once-Christian culture.

For rewarding irresponsibility and idleness, see "child poverty" and the wider benefit culture. As the great Norman Dennis puts it in his 'Families Without Fatherhood', the State, through taxation, takes the consequences of a wrong choice of partner - " ...in sexual conduct the cast of mind is that I please myself, but if anything goes wrong, you must be responsible that my children come to no harm. In effect such a biological father is saying, "You must be a socialist so that I can be an egoist. My baby is the hostage through which I, who will not do my duty, will hold you to your duty."

Is it responsible to define smackheads and alkies as 'disabled', entitled to extra benefits ?

Gordo's plan to abolish child poverty, given the lack of will to do anything about the numbers of one-parent families, amounts to a blank cheque made out to the underclass and drawn on the taxpayer - those "hard-working families" he intends to rip off. Where else can he get the money from ?

"Effort" and "enterprise" will be taxed and regulated - and as we have seen, waltzing round both tax and regulation isn't too difficult for a large financial services organisation, but much harder for a metal-basher in Bloxwich - which is why our manufacturing is disappearing.

Looking at the calls all round for interest rate reductions, it looks as if the plan is to mitigate recession via inflation. Having destroyed half of private final salary pensions, he'll trash the value of the other half via inflation, which bears hardest on those on fixed incomes. Gordon, like Sir Ian Blair and co, have gold-plated, inflation-proof index-linked final salary pensions.

Poor Prudence was put on crack and onto the streets a long time back. Now she's a pathetic figure, prepared to do anything for a fiver and odds-on to soon be found dead in a bedsit.

God, I despise these people.


Anonymous said...


Check out Galloway on child poverty at CiF today.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Laban.
Gordo seems unable to acknowledge the fact that 'combatting child poverty' while simultaneously improving the benefits package available for single parents is akin to pushing a boulder uphill. No wonder he did his best to frustrate Frank Field's efforts at benefits reform a decade ago.

Anonymous said...


G.G. seems to be handing out threats

"A glance at the history of the East End should give the powers that be fair warning: they'd be ill-advised to ignore the suffering lapping at their gates."

While a certain Marc Wadsworth seems to think that violent criminality is an 'uprising'


Just another ordinary day in the mad, bad world of the British liberal/left.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the article hinting at the inevitable (but oh so understandable) bloodshed should the Obamessiah be cheated out of his birthright by underhand tricks like people voting against him.

Or have I missed that one already?

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece- if only I'd add one thing that the bankers recently got their own comeuppance for the fact that they are so transparantly vicious. The rich shall find it harder than a camel going through the eye of a needle to enter heaven. Money is the root of all evil. Now all we need is for more suffering for the rest of society and finally God's punishment, as upon Israel, shall be felt here and after the lash of his wrath maybe people will be moral either at the bottom or the top of society.

At the moment they all deserve to feel the scourge of his wrath.

Anonymous said...

Gordon's first priority now is to get Labour re-elected. He will do whatever is needed to claw back that lost lead. His electors don't have pensions. They either fell for the cradle to grave stuff or else were smart enough to work out that they fell below the threshold of it being sensible.