Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sandy Denny

It was thirty years ago today, or thereabouts, that she fell down the stairs and died. Indie piece here (ignore the 'British Joni Mitchell' nonsense), and apparently there's a BBC Radio 2 retrospective tonight at 10.30.

She liked the sea. A while back I put together a compilation CD '20 Nautical Greats From A Mistress of Maritime Melancholy'. I'll have to find the track listing.


Anonymous said...

Loved it - what a shame that I derided it as a yoot and listened to the Damned instead...

Laban said...

I was fortunate to be a bit older - I listened to the Damned AND Sandy Denny.

London Refugee said...

Hi Laban,

A lovely mix of images and film to one of Sandy's most beautiful songs.
She was the finest singer I've ever heard and her body of work is peerless.

30 years since her death and 40 years since I first saw her - who knows where the time goes?!

Best wishes,
Neil the London Refugee

Anonymous said...

Nice chune.

Sandy Denny was a bit before my time. When I think of a chune called "The Sea" I think of the Morcheeba track of that name - which is also nice although probably not in the same class. However, Sandy Denny is not totally unfamiliar to me.

Is there a coded message here Laban?

"You laugh at me on funny days, but mine's the slight of hand.
Don't you know I am a joker, a deceiver? And I'm waiting for the land."

Anyhoo, 'The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood' is stunning. I don't think I've ever heard it before. I'm so impressed I've listened to it several times today and will download it and stick it on the ipod.

Cheers for that.