Friday, April 25, 2008

Back Tomorrow

On rare occasions making a living has to take priority - and four 11-hour days on the trot has left me somewhat tired. Yesterday I actually arrived home and didn't want to fire up the computer.

But we seem to have satisfied the people who pay us ... so normal blogging will resume after a long sleep.

More Sandy Denny ... a throwaway little song that she never actually released - sung here by the very wonderful Mary Black and the equally wonderful Emmylou Harris.

Or if that's too pipe-and-slippers for you, why not "get on down" with the "teenybop" sound of today (according to my eldest, though to my untutored ear it sounds a little like the teenybop sound of ten or even more years ago), which is apparently "safe, blud". H2O ask, and rightly ask, "What's it gonna be ?".

To which the answer is "A large port". Goodnight.

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