Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cry Gord For England and St George !

The Jelly-bellied Flag-Flapper will be flying the Crusader Cross over Downing St today.

Meanwhile, our EU overlords are wiping England off the map while re-establishing the Norman Empire.

The new European plan splits England into three zones that are joined with areas in other countries. The "Manche" region covers part of southern England and northern France while the Atlantic region includes western parts of England, Portugal, Spain and Wales. The North Sea region includes eastern England, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and parts of Germany. A copy of the map, which makes no reference to England or Britain, has even renamed the English Channel the "Channel Sea".


No Good Boyo said...

Never mind, Laban, Wales presents a long-overdue apology:

Thud said...

Try as they might the lefties and guardian writers can't keep the english down for ever...St.George!

Anonymous said...

Its not a contradiction in the system, this is what the political class always do, create two seemingly opposing policies or ideas so that clear resistance can't be build up to either then when people have had their 5mins of outrage they quietly just do what they want regardless.

I never thought I'd sympathise with the IRA.

Anonymous said...

It only costs a tenner to join the English Democrats Party.

I would have thought that is not a lot to make a start on saving our England.

Shame on us if we dont even try.Go to it.
Tyrany feeds on cowardice.