Monday, April 21, 2008

"A Likeable Idiot 2"

Remember Swindon solicitor Rob Ross and his client Jamie Manderson ?

"Jamie is a likeable idiot, really. Jamie suffers from a very serious addiction to cars. He just can't leave them alone.

"During the 1980s he used to steal cars to order and he made a lot of money.

"Then, a few years ago, he got addicted to heroin, but it's the cars he's really hooked on. He just doesn't understand the words 'don't drive'."
Mr Mansderson has been sent down for eight months (i.e. four months), after his 51st conviction for driving while disqualified.

Former nightclub bouncer, Manderson, who has never had a driving licence, has been banned from driving every year since 1988 when he was just 15.
Unbelievable. Banned from driving every year for 20 years. What's even more impressive is that, according to the local paper, he's spent a total of 17 years in prison. How does he find the time to drive ?

In November 2006, Manderson vowed to give up his bad driving habits. He told the Advertiser he was turning over a new leaf for his son Kaine, after spending 17 years of his life behind bars.

In July 2006 he was jailed for five months after racking up his 48th driving conviction.

Five months didn't put him off, did it ? I'd say detention at Her Majesty's pleasure would be more appropriate. It may be more expensive than paying his benefits, but at least you could negotiate the Magic Roundabout without nervously checking the rear-view for him.

Rob Ross, defending Manderson, told the court: "He still has a problem with motor cars. He always will."
Not if he's locked up he won't.


DJ said...

No, no - the real threat to road safety is some rep doing 75 on a dual carriageway at 19:30 hours.

Seriously, it must be some weird liberal compulsion to deal with everyone except the real offenders, like feminists who want to convict every man in the world for rape, but don't mind real rapists getting off with six months.

Mind you, as a big fan of 'accuracy in labelling' grounds, I do approve of him calling Junior 'Kaine' - lets everyone know just what they're dealing with.

Anonymous said...

He also killed a 12 year old girl while he was driving the getaway car from a robbery. What a loveable rogue, eh?

I can't work out who is the bigger tosser - him or his lawyer. His lawyer is clearly cleverer.

Anonymous said...

i go out with his son kaine and most of the things on here is not true coz as i said i am with his son and i know jamie and he is a lovly man its just he loves cars and he ent a tosser.