Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"I'm well hard, me"

Burnley really does have some top underclass tottie. Even Beverley Lunt actually managed to send her down for two and a half years.

A friend reported about 9.15pm Duckworth had been very drunk and couldn't stand. She produced an eight-inch knife and said she was going to stab "Darryl the smackhead."

She wandered off to some nearby shops the victim lived above and knocked on his front door. Mr Hopkins's girlfriend answered and Duckworth asked if Mr Hopkins could give her a cigarette. Miss Statham said the victim went to the door, held out a cigarette and Duckworth thrust the knife into his chest.

Duckworth announced "cockily" to friends: "I have done it. I have done it. It went straight through." She then produced the blood-stained knife and said: "I'm well hard, me."

Duckworth made no comment when interviewed by police. She had 48 previous convictions, many for serious offences, committed her first assault when she was 13 and had been the subject of an anti-social behaviour order.

The defendant had been given a suspended sentence five days before the offence.

As someone said in the comments "Thank goodness we have strong judges like Beverley Lunt who pounce mercilessly on criminals. It's a good thing that Duckworth wasn't up for not paying her council tax, she would have received a long sentence."

Also in Burnley, from the comments I'm not sure that this 'yes means yes and no means no' stuff has quite filtered through to all sections of the community.

On the subject of the underclass, tonight's Radio Four 'Bringing Up Britain', on single parents, started with the usual liberal foolishness - presenter Mariella Frostrup actually asked 'is there any evidence that it's better to have two parents ?'.

But there was an interesting aside by one of the contributors, who'd been talking with a social worker.

'I can't remember when we last took a child into care whose parents are married'.


JuliaM said...

"The prosecutor added: "Mr Hopkins suffers from schizophrenia and since this incident it is now much worse. He is paranoid, always edgy and is scared of being attacked and opening the front door.""

Errr, I thought it wasn't paranoia if they really are out to get you...? :)

Anonymous said...

Listening to "Bringing up Britain" last night it struck me that virtually all the participants had a vested interest in the broken society.

But none would state the obvious: that all these problems stem from abandoning the Christian principles of sexual morality, and that the only real solution is a return to them.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese don't behave like that and they never were Christian.

Anonymous said...

I've looked at the comments left on the Burnley and Pendle Citizen forum for both stories (the rape and the stabbing).

I am inclined to give up on this country. How can so many people be walking around in denial of the catastrophe happening around us every day?