Saturday, September 01, 2007

Compare And Contrast

Three years probation for a series of sexual assaults.

A £500 fine for slapping in the face and racially abusing a man who had damaged her car in an unprovoked attack.

(thanks to anon in the comments)


Anonymous said...

"Advocate Tim Niven-Smith said Rehmat entered the UK in February 2005.", with "work permit obtained lawfully".

"He assaulted one woman on various occasions between February 8 and May 8, 2005"

Huh? so in other words he started his sex attacks the moment he got off the plane, and we still don't deport?
I can understand not deporting if the person has been in the country a very long time but this is insane.

Anonymous said...

Musn't upset our muslim masters now, must we ?

ba ba said...

Also, in what sense are those three incidents "isolated"?

Anonymous said...

Yes, also precisely how many does he need to commit before they are no longer "out of character"? I would say that three sexual assaults in in three months would indicate someone's character very well. As for 'isolated', what would count as regular? Every week? Once every four hours?

"A robust social enquiry report followed by a robust probation order has a lot to recommend it."

Simply beyond parody.

Anonymous said...

Check out this flower picker.

Anonymous said...

The British "justice" system appears to be more of a joke than the American one, and that's saying quite a lot!

Snafu said...

How will Rehmat's elderly father contribute to the UK economy apart from being a drain on healthcare costs!?!

Anonymous said...

Snafu, but he will probably have about 8 kids, they'll pay for your pension, don't forget that!