Friday, August 31, 2007

Stopped Clock Tells Correct Time

Old lefty luvvie Ken Loach on the Today programme (18 minutes in - RealAudio), discussing immigrant labour :

"it isn't something peripheral to our economy, it's at the very centre ... well in fact because the cheap labour of immigrants ... is central to Brown's control of inflation, because it depends on that cheap labour"

Now Ken's concerns are for the poor exploited migrants, not for the natives whose pay they undercut. But there's nowt wrong with that analysis.


Anonymous said...

If they don't want to be exploited then they shouldn't come. I don't recall there being any consultation as to whether we wanted our country turned into a labour transit camp.

Anonymous said...

Look, don't blame the foreigners or the employers for this. There are over 5m economically inactive in the UK right now - over half claiming disability benefit (most of these for 'depression', or relatively minor ailments). A generation has now been lost to heroin (cf Wales) or prozac (on the NHS). Compel them to work and you get wheelchair protesters chaining themselves to Downing Street and the Guardian/Independent letters and comment pages comparing you to Hitler. The old Labour Party (pre-war) would have been horrified by what we've let happen. As the old american politician once said, if the people got good government, they wouldn't like it.

Anonymous said...

Who is blaming foreigners or employers?

Most people I know blame the New Labour and New Labour voters.

Anonymous said...

It always occurs to me that wealth migrating from West to East, that the one asset the West can use to earn foreign exchange, and pay off its swollen debts to the Chinese et al, will be its women, willing (or forced to) to service those Indian and Chinese with their appalling sex ratios of 118 men to 100 women.

It's becoming reality:

British government pimps: "GOVERNMENT job centres have been accused of recruiting for the sex industry by advertising for unemployed women to become 100 pounds-an-hour “escorts”. One agency using the Jobcentre Plus service features girls on its website who offer “no-strings adult fun”. Jobcentre Plus has been recruiting in at least nine areas around Britain, including Llandudno, Cardiff, Heathrow, Cheltenham and Newquay. Women who visited the website of Sweet Dreams, which advertised with Jobcentre Plus in the Llandudno area, would have found pictures of women in their underwear offering overnight bookings, “dress-up fun” and “a night in to get your blood pumping”. Jasmin, one of its girls, could “show anyone a good time and if she likes you that much . . . you just never know”. Escort agencies say that this is not prostitution because sex with clients takes place only “between consenting adults”. However, the agencies are widely considered to be part of the sex industry."


Anonymous said...

Well put, Rumi. One thing that always baffles me is when these BBC types claim that these immigrants are 'doing the jobs that nobody else wants to do.' I don't ever remember there being a national shortage of plumbers, builders, nannys, fruit pickers, kebab fillers, taxi drivers etc pre-1997.

Anonymous said...

You know the world has really changed when you hear an unrepentent Marxist extolling the wonderful societal benefits of cheap labor. The loony lefties do the same in the US with regards to massive illegal immigration from Mexico.