Monday, August 27, 2007

Rhys Jones Murder - "We Have Failed His Killer"

The Mad Mahdi (aka Sobbing Abbess) once more attempts to render satire redundant.


Anonymous said...

"The death of this poor boy...something that middle England could watch from afar with horror"

Not true, at least in the sense of Guardian readers. It was watched with a feigned or ersatz-horror but did not puncture the liberal bubble in which they lived, and which has created a society where things like this are happening at an exponentially increasing rate.

" being perceived as a threat to anyone, almost anywhere"

The penny is dropping. Suddenly, killings like this are not some remote event with which they can all 'empathise' but may, horribly, actually happen in Hampstead or whichever comfortable low-crime borough they live in.

Their options:

1) Do nothing, pretend everything is OK (this includes Bunting's handwringing)

2) Use their wealth to migrate to Dorset or Tuscany and leave the problem behind, temporarily at least

3) Admit the problem and do your best to solve it.

80% will choose (1), 19% will choose (2) and 1% will nervously and reluctantly choose (3)

Anonymous said...

"Use their wealth to migrate to Dorset ..."

Like the Berk of Barking, Mr B Bragg, perhaps...?

"....a nasty twist on blaming the victims. You try bringing up a boy on an estate riddled with drug dealing where the local school offers nothing but boredom and failure, and the chance of a job is small."

You mean, like thousands of decent people have done, since time immemorial? Especially when grammar schools and free university education offered a way out for those who chose it.

And as for schools offering 'nothing but boredom & failure', remind me of Blair's words again when Labour came to power over ten years ago - was it something like 'Education, education, education'..?

Anonymous said...

I liked the bit about "local schools offering nothing but boredom and failure". As I doubt that Croxteth is filled with public schools and grammars they must be Comprehensives. Bunting and the other Guardianistas would die on the barricades defending a state education system which they themselves admit "offers nothing but boredom and failure".

A more damning indictment of their contempt for 'ordinary people' you would struggle to find.

paulus said...

Failed drug policy and astronomic youth unemployment suck young men into gangs - a last refuge for the unwanted with nowhere to go and no hope. The result is violence and innocent death on our streets.

When will we learn that prohibition did not work in the 1920s and it will not work now.

When will we learn that if children leave our schools without a place in society the devil will make work for idle hands.

Anonymous said...

nonsense have we have prohibition of drugs in this country, they've been going softly softly for years. The failed drugs policy is a result of not being tough enough and not controling the borders.

Normally I disagree with people feeling sorry for the perpetrator but now I think liberal globalists have so messed up the country I do have sympathy for the white working class who've born the brunt of that.

I wouldn't say "we have failed the killer" as much as "you liberals have created the chaotic society we now live in" (and I include former or 'recovered' leftist/liberals in that).

ba ba said...

You know the bit down the bottom of the comments where it says

"Offensive? Unsuitable? Email us"

In my head i automatically carried on so it said

"Offensive? Unsuitable? common sense? Email us"

Anonymous said...

"local schools offering nothing but boredom and failure".

Has Madeleine Bunting (or anyone here) ever tried to teach an interesting and successful lesson in schools with even a smattering of kids who've chosen gang culture as their preferred lifestyle?

No. Thought not.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Mr Bunting hangs out ?

Had the Guardian and its superannuated adolescents not continued their childhood rebellion into middle age they would not have been obsessed with destruction of male role models and structures to create the Hobbesian World.

They started banning "war toys", model tanks, cap-firing pistols so their children would not become war criminals but failed to give a lead to the impressionable drones who always preferred fences, walls, and a uniform to show them where to walk.

So while in Bunting Towers happy little bourgeois tripped around enlivened by mummy's cocaine stash and a scholarship to The Priory; the poor kids whose mothers were married to The Social could only offer glue and paint thinners until their offspring found enough cash from recycling fully-taxed cars to enter the drug distribution business servicing the bourgeois consumers.

It was then that the glue-sniffer found out that the streets were not safe. A cash business like drugs and happy pills could not be carried out with the disastrous state of policing where muggings were commonplace - so being dynamic self-help specialists the glue-sniffers tooled up for self-protection.

Graduating from Bunting Towers mummy's little coke-head now realised that what glue-sniffers missed was a trust-fund; if some way could be found for the lower orders to fund a trust fund for the glue-sniffers, the coke-heads would not have to pay any more taxes or change their hedonistic and liecentious lifestyles to set a better example

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Mr Bunting hangs out ?

Her study, the Edinburgh festival and any number of halal-friendly bijou eateries in Islington and environs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Mr Bunting hangs out ?

MR Bunting ie. bipod with penis