Monday, August 27, 2007

Little Lamb, Who Threw Thee Onto A Bonfire ?

Some wee Scots scumbag, that's who :

The father of one of the group, who asked to remain anonymous, said a crowd of boys and girls had gathered for a drink and a barbecue and were camping overnight on May 27. But the revellers were suddenly stunned by the actions of one teenager, believed to be a 17-year-old, when he threw the lamb on to the fire.

He said: "It is common knowledge around Cannich and, as far as I have been made aware, people have been giving the boy's mother a real hard time. I think it is terrible a 17-year-old is doing that to animals. What is he going to be like in five years' time? He also hog-tied a baby lamb the next morning and threw it into the River Glass after the girls in the group were getting on to him the night before."

In totally unrelated news : Essays written for GCSE English have this year produced "sickeningly violent" stories, according to examiners who have raised concerns over the standard of English. The title The Assassin, was one of the most frequently used for creative writing coursework, according to the latest examiners' report on GCSE English from the Edexcel board.


Anonymous said...

""Animal cruelty can often be a precursor of worse to come.

We have worked closely with the Humane Society of America, who in turn work closely with the FBI consider animal cruelty as a serious part of offender profiling.

In certain states in the US, anyone found guilty of animal cruelty undergo a mandatory psychiatric assessment and in many cases this could help to identify and deal with abnormal violent behaviour.""

High time we took the same tack over here...

ba ba said...


Im very glad to see that the boys useless mother is getting a hard time about it - of course the boy should be caned within an inch of his life too.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons that Hollywood films now feature lots of staged violence and basic dialogue is the cost of dubbing for overseas markets and since Hollywood is so focused on exports it strips down its movies to a basic formula with less dialogue.

It would appear sickenly violent prose in GCSE merely shows the disjointed thinking and inarticulate behaviourial characteristics of Prolekult subjected to mindless and repetitive rap music and living in homes devoid of books or conversation and then concentrated in "schools" as social centres rater than educational institutions.

The Morlocks have been evolved over decades of educational experiment to provide the Eloi with the same kind of diversions Robert Bakewell and Thomas Coke engaged in in the 18th Century

Anonymous said...

I know the family involved in the lamb incident. Can I just say that the mother is not a bad person - at 17 the lad is old enough to make his own decisions. And obvioulsy made a terribly bad one and one that no-one in this glen will condone.In a place as small as this the public disapproval will be punishment for years to come. There is nowhere to hide.Also why just have a go at the Mum - there is a Dad involved in this as well.