Friday, August 31, 2007

Underclass News

You can take a rabbit from the children's section of a zoo, feed it to an alligator to amuse your mates, and avoid jail.

I'm not sure Damien French will find that pulling off a woman's hijab is seen as leniently. His defence counsel seems worried :

Mr Treadwell claimed the hijab did not actually come off, the victim was caused no injuries and it was clearly more of a mark of disrespect than an attempt to cause injuries. But, he said, it was clearly an assault. He said he wished to correct any impression that French, who he said had learning difficulties, did not accept what he had done was wrong. Mr Treadwell said the pre-sentence report suggestion of a residence condition at a hostel to follow various courses, including an enhanced thinking skills course, was not a soft option.

I'm sure an enhanced thinking skills course is just what he needs.

Meanwhile, back in our soi-disant capital, the stabbings continue and more poor vulnerable children face jail.

One rocks the size of a cricket ball struck Mr Norton on the head, causing him to collapse and suffer a heart attack. He never regained consciousness. Mr Norton had undergone a triple heart by-pass 30 years ago but the stress and trauma of the attack made him vulnerable. When Mr Norton collapsed, the group ran off boasting to each other that they had got him.

After deliberating for three days an Old Bailey jury of six men and six women found the five, now aged 12, 13 and three aged 14, who cannot be named for legal reasons, guilty of manslaughter and violent disorder on February 26 last year. As the verdicts were read out, the five and their parents, broke down and sobbed.

Full of remorse, eh ?

During the 20-day trial lawyers and Judge Warwick McKinnon were unrobed and without wigs because of the ages of the five. However Judge McKinnon had to order that the children be accompanied at all times during the trial as they had been seen horseplaying around the court building, two had hung out of windows, and staff feared they might get up to more mischief. Indeed as they awaited for the jury to return with their verdicts they were seen play wrestling outside court.

UPDATE - the Mail has more on the perpetrators.


ba ba said...

The director of the zoo said;

"This case does demonstrate that the police and courts are prepared to pursue people who abuse animals and bring them to justice."

Rot, he got nothing. The little bastard should be caned and jailed.

Anonymous said...

"...staff feared they might get up to more mischief.."

Well, quite....

And 'learning difficulties' - is that what they are calling it now?

Anonymous said...

Funny I thought Judges were only unrobed when sitting as Appeal Judges....

Why this tenderness to feral youth ? Give them 10 years hard-labour - clearing minefields on The Falklands

Anonymous said...

"clearing minefields on The Falklands"
With their bare hands.

Anonymous said...

Compare the
Quality of justice
Makes you wonder ! !

Anonymous said...

"...including an enhanced thinking skills course...."

Have you noticed tractor production figures are up again this year, comrade?

Anonymous said...

"The grandfather of one of the 14-year-olds said last night he found it hard to comprehend his grandson's behaviour...."All the boys were excluded from school after what happened. He and his sister were bullied by the kids that were on the side of the man who died.""

That little comment speaks volumes about the way these little animals were brought up by those who should have been raising them...

Anonymous said...

At least he did not toss a small child to the alligator. Be thankful for small favors.Though possibly his sentence would not have been any different, considering the apparent state of British "justice". . .

A bit surprised to find that alligators can survive in the climate of Wales. Do they have heated pools for them, or what?

BTW, if any of you ever make your way down to New Orleans, I recommend the rare white alligator exhibit at the John James Audubon aquarium. Unbelievable-looking creatures, they look as if they'd been carved out of white chocolate, and they have bright blue eyes. Very strange, and very rare, but somehow the aquarium has managed to collect a rather large number of them.