Friday, August 31, 2007

Two Stories

White people living in the UK's second biggest city are likely to find themselves in a minority in 20 years' time, according to researchers. A team of demographers from Manchester University has claimed that the number of white people living in Birmingham will be overtaken by the number of those with other ethnic origins by 2027. The news came as it emerged that 35 towns and cities in Britain have at least one ward which is "minority white". And experts have already forecast that Leicester could become the first city in which white people are a minority in four years' time.

The work is that of one Dr Steven 'Ludi' Simpson, so it comes with obligatory 'nothing to do with immigration' spin. For which see here.

Whites are now in the minority in one third of America's most populous counties and, overall, outnumbered in nearly one in 10 of the nation's 3,141 counties, according to new analysis of census data. The shift reflects the increasing diversity of the US, the result of immigration particularly from Central and South America and the higher birth rate among blacks and Hispanics.

The one thing I'm a little leery of is Dr Simpson's use of 'whites'. Given the million-odd Eastern Europeans in the UK, that particular category won't tell us how quickly the Native Brits are being replaced.


Anonymous said...

Think in Europe of the most racially heterogenous states....Yugoslavia, but that was simply a relic of the Austro-Hungarian Empire the most culturally diverse mess Europe could invent.

Then look at Germany which even in the 1920s had a very diverse population with Berlin as the industrial magnet bringing in labour from all over Central Europe - a city heavily dependent on public infrastructure projects through unfunded government spending.

Germany even had to bring in a Citizenship Law in 1913 based on paternal bloodlines to define who was German, there being no other obvious basis.

The Eastern Border of Germany at that time was somewhere near Warsaw and stretched up to the Russian border in modern-day Kaliningrad.

Scattered throughout were pockets of German-speakers isolated after Versailles in strange new countries such that the Austrian Chancellor of Germany wished to bring them back under the protection of the mother ship.

Muslims claim the Ummah overrides national borders; the EU claims the "European" Identity transcends national borders; beware when the world fragments along ethnic lines and the native populations of Europe seek to impose order on the kaleidoscope because no force on earth can hold them back when they do.

If the EU and Mass-Immigration were seen as "antidotes" and reactions to the Third Reich and its values; they should be fearful they have not unleashed that particular demon by reverting to the conditions which made it a natural and rational response to what had preceded it.

Anonymous said...

Nicely argued, cctv.
The Ummah, this time round is working to a plan.
Detailed in "holy words", controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and funded largely by Saudi "donations". Fringe effects from AQ and Iranian agents.
Plus, command and control communications are very efficient this time around.
Whether or not the next bloodbath you envisage actually occurs, and there are many indications that you are correct, I fear the victors will not be democratic nations.

Just to look at the problem simplistically, the "non-whites" increasingly make up the "city" populations.
In the event of hostilities, and food shortages, power cuts, etc, all the infrastructure is routed through those cities, and food and water can easily be denied to the suburbs/rural areas to which "whites" are currently fleeing.
Plus, by definition, suburban/rural ares are geographically spread, and less easily defended, communications would be difficult.
City centres are the opposite.
I speculate on the spark that ignites this furnace. Maybe it will simmer beneath the surface for years, hidden by a compliant press, and there are indications of developments along these lines.
I look askance at the growth in number, size and complexity, of the array of data-bases under covert and overt construction.
Arguments and justifications for these data-bases, their controls, access rights, and security in general are clealy, well, nonsense, or "flimsy" at best.
Some, by excluding certain elite members of the population, are following Nazi patterns pre WW11, and also clearly breach the "human rights" of other members of the population.
Such a vast array can only mean "control", as you rightly point out as in previous pre WW11 states, but to what end this time round?
To sort out the blood-lines of the combatants/winners?, access to benefits doesn't wash, and neither does prevention of terrorism.

Clearly, deeply Machiavellian plans are afoot, as administrations become more paranoid, absolute, and strikingly less democratic.

I see VAST plans for "Company Managed" cities in certain Middle East states, with, presumably ultimately, a devolved shareholder base, if current policies are copied and extended slightly.
Which state's laws will these cities follow, or will they have their own??
Will these evolve into warring city states as in Greece?

A whole new world is nearer than we think.

John Hemming said...

You both ignore the fact that some white people (such as myself) have children who are mixed race. I do not see them as other than English.

Nor do they.

Laban said...

I don't think anyones really working to a plan. No-one can make Brits stop having babies or make Muslims have more.

It's culture. "We" currently have one that is not terribly healthy, "they" have one that is, in terms of demography (and self-confidence).

I am a little worried about NLabs moves to centralise, say, the police. When they are controlled from the cities, whose police will they be ?

Anonymous said...

I am a little worried about NLabs moves to centralise, say, the police. When they are controlled from the cities, whose police will they be?
You can already read the writing on the wall for that one!

I don't think anyones really working to a plan.
Oh yes they are.
Mo, the prophet laid out very careful instructions for the steps and processes to be followed for the subjugation of societies.
Islamics almost have control of Brussels city council. Throughout the West, Imams tell their followers who to vote for. At the appropriate point they will drop the liberal/Nulab persons that they currently vote into power, and vote their own candidate in. City Councils come first, then MPs............................

You both ignore the fact that some white people (such as myself) have children who are mixed race. I do not see them as other than English.
It doesn't matter how you view yourself, it's how others view you.
Look at the Balkans, when mixed communities fragmented along ethnic lines. mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Another Nation descends into an Islamic hole.
Meanwhile in the UK, the police show their true mettle.
And in the holiday areas, our law shows it's inability to act, since Brussels took control

Anonymous said...

Sept 2005
Tab down in the little box to read Gov. theocratic scum
Just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

It took Malaysia 50 years, (and counting) to exit the UK donated secular constitution.
UK laws have been (mostly) gifted by subversion to the EU, with very little true democratic decision making now allowed in our own parliament.
Read fjordman to see how sharia law is being exercised in cities throughout the EU, and the demographic time bombs planted by our insane politicians, and explain in detail why it can't
happen here

Anonymous said...

A small correction to the story: black native-born Americans do not have an appreciably higher birth rate than white native-born Americans. "Non-hispanic whites" as they now call this country's foundational stock, have a birth rate of around 1.9 per woman and blacks have a birth rate of 2.0 per woman. I've studied the birth rates at the Census website for several years.

In their press release, they conflated the black birth rate with that Hispanics to hide how the massive influx of illegal immigrants from Latin America and their anchor babies are changing the demographics of the US. Even native-born Hispanics do not have that much of a higher birth rate than native-born blacks or whites -- all of this "demographic change" is being driven by illegal immigrants' birth rates.

Regarding the Birmingham stats, it's very sad. At least we Americans are not indigenes and so therefore, we're not exactly on all that high moral ground when we say that we don't want to be replaced by Latin Americans after replacing Native Americans ourselves.

But YOU are the indigenes, and here you are being replaced, and being harried and demonized as "racist", because you sensibly don't want to be extinguished. It's indesecribably tragic.

Anonymous said...

It is a plan.
Recently Labour plan to raise the school leaving age to 18.
They want to force every woman into a career and if they want to be a homemaker the liberals think there must be something wrong with them.
This ofcourse affects the white British more than other groups because many subcons bring in a wife from 'back home'.

Laban, you can't seriously believe that the entire Western world all came up with the same policies at the same time by accident or coincidence.
These ideas clearly have a common source.

Anonymous said...

, I fear the victors will not be democratic nations.

I think you misunderstood...polyglot entities can only exist as dictatorships.

That is why the Austro-Hungarian Empire was one, it is why Soviet Russia was one with 162 different language groups; it is why African states are - because of tribalism and the infeasibility of any transcendent national identity

Anonymous said...

No, cctv, I did not misunderstand.
I badly phrased the sentence.
What I intended to convey was that after the tribulations, I still did not see democratic nations/states emerging.
In order to survive, I see the surviving states leaving democracy behind, and being militarily administered out of neccessity.
This is currently happening, and a polyglot administration/ area is what must emerge from the current EU. In many senses it is almost there. National identity is being crushed, both by immigration, and devolved assemblies, and deliberate social/legal policies.
What is lacking is the military, but the EU is already working on that!