Friday, February 16, 2007

Vote Fraud News

A couple of Lib Dem councillors in Burnley were banged up for fraud a while back.

One resigned and the election was yesterday.

The Liberal Democrats lost control of Burnley Council's Daneshouse with Stoneyholme seat - less than three months after their councillor was jailed for election fraud.

The turnout was a remarkable 52.4% (lots of postal votes ?), and the England First candidate (141 votes) had himself been imprisoned for election fraud in 2002.

The other councillor who got jailed ? He's still hanging on - and claiming the allowances.

Manzur Hussain could be dismissed because he has not attended a meeting for six months - the limit set by the Government. But he has asked fellow councillors not to sack him when they meet to discuss his future on Wednesday. He is claiming that he has been prevented from attending meetings since August 23 by an 18-month sentence for defrauding the returning officer at the 2004 local elections. However, he was only actually jailed on November 23 and had previously been on unconditional bail. And investigations by the Lancashire Telegraph have revealed that during that time he could have attended three meetings including a full council meeting on October 18. In December the Lancashire Telegraph revealed how Hussain, 58, of Milner Street, Burnley, was still claiming his council allowance of £2,100 which was £175 a month.

The other council seat, Brunshaw, went from Labour to Lib Dem, with the BNP second. The Labour vote collapsed in what looks like tactical voting. 39% turnout is pretty high for a non-Asian area.

Daneshouse with Stoneyholme.

Shah Hussain, Lab 944 Mohammed Malik, Lib Dem 906 Steven Smith, England First 141 Alan Marsden, Con 35 Majority 38 Turnout 52.4%.


Allen Harris, Lib Dem 875 Paul McDevitt, BNP 538 Karen Baker, Lab 479 Tony Coulson, Con 90 Majority 337 Turnout 39.9%


Anonymous said...

You overlooked the Conservative apparently did the voters.

Looks like it is a three-horse race in parts of the North - Labour, LibDem and BNP with the Southern-fringe party making an effort to show willing

Anonymous said...

Is there any instance of voting fraud committed by indigenous British people, or is it universally a muslim problem? Allah tells them it's OK to lie,and deceit is a way of life that is recommended by their koran.

Anonymous said...


I think there have been one or two cases of native vote-riggers (such as Mr Smith, the England First candidate mentioned by Laban). But there seems to have been a vast wave of Muslim vote-riggers being arrested and convicted, particularly in the past five years.
Then of course, there are the ones who haven't been caught. The area where I grew up, and where my mother still lives, was recently the subject of a police investigation into vote-rigging in an election which just happened to return a Muslim to the council, but they couldn't find enough evidence to prosecute anyone. Nonetheless, there was a happy ending, as the local white population saw what was going on, and voted the Muslim out by a big majority the next time round.

It all just demonstrates how incompatible with democracy Islam is.

Anonymous said...

Here's another in Halifax...Mr.Wiggy cheating liar.
Cannot activate these links unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

They are taught in their "holy book" to lie and deceive in the cause of islam. If it is in the cause of getting a muslim into British public life, then deceit is desirable. This is taqqya and they are actually taught the techniques.

Islamics constitute what - around 3% of the population, and they account for over 90% of postal vote rigging? Fulham Reactionary, islam is incompatible with democracy because it is a system of thought control.

Anonymous said...


In the article you linked to, I find the following sentence:

"Mohammed Saghir wanted to stand again ‘to make things better for ethnic minorities’ in the Park and Warley wards."

By "ethnic minorities", I assume he means white people.

Anonymous said...

Is there any instance of voting fraud committed by indigenous British people

Of course. It is the Parties that commit the fraud and deliberately so....not just Muslims...though it is a Pakistani speciality

Anonymous said...

"there seems to have been a vast wave of Muslim vote-riggers being arrested and convicted, particularly in the past five years."

Coinciding with postal voting, which has made it much easier...?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Juliam! This is why Labour introduced postal voting on demand. I believe you used to have to have a good reason to ask for a postal vote - as in, too sick to get to the polling station, or you were out of the country.

Laban said...

The court was told that Burnley was part of an all- postal election experiment in 2004. Many voters in Daneshouse with Stoneyholm, which is mainly populated by people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin, had applied for a proxy to cast their vote for them, saying that they were going abroad.

“It was incredible really,” said Dr Taylor, who was then the borough’s chief executive. “There were that many people (195 - LT) all out of the country unable to get to a postbox during that period in particular. We only had 15 proxy applications for the whole of the rest of the borough — 14 wards.

“There were other concerns I had as well when I went through the forms. It seemed to me that there were a lot of similarities about the handwriting.”

Mr Ali, who held on to his seat, told police that his writing appeared on most forms because he had filled in details about voters on their behalf.

As you do.

This story gives little glimpses into the slow appeasement process.

In the council :

Under cross-examination by Paul Reid, QC, Mr Ali’s lawyer, Dr Taylor accepted that the area had experienced a large number of proxy applications when the council decided in 1999 to let Asian women cast absent votes for religious and cultural reasons.

I'd love to know if those reasons were documented. Not being allowed out of the house ? Enabling the husband to control the wife's vote ? Feminism - for whites only ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Ali filled in the voters' details. How did the voters get a vote if they weren't literate? By which I mean literate in the language of the country they were supposedly entitled to vote in, so we could be assured that they understood the concept of voting?

the council decided in 1999 to let Asian women cast absent votes for religious and cultural reasons. And those religious and cultural reasons for the Asian women, as opposed to Asian men, were what, exactly?

Asian women couldn't walk or drive or be driven to the polling station? Why not?

They actually could walk, drive or be driven to the polling station, but still weren't allowed to vote?

So all their votes were in one controlling, mad imam's handwriting, and the local poll authorities were obliged to accept this under the Labour "diversity multiculturalism" garbage clause.

The muslims who have blended in to Britain and are contributing to wealth creation in our country, by being employed, or by owning businesses and generating wealth (although not by donations from Saudi Arabia), I accept, although I think their "religion" should be reclassified.

But the importation of the sly, sleazy dealings of the souk into our free democracy, which they would crush if they could, no. Those men filling in forms for women "for cultural reasons" need to come to police attention.

Anonymous said...

Asian women couldn't walk or drive or be driven to the polling station? Why not?

Because there were NO Polling Stations. In 2004 The Party told people in Northern England They could ONLY vote by post or not at all.

It was COMPULSORY postal Voting

Anonymous said...

The US experience may be of interest. According to John Fund in "Stealing Elections", about 20 percent of the votes in the US are mailed.

But absentee ballots (as we call them) or postal ballots (as you call them) are used in at least 80 percent of the vote fraud cases here. At least.

Naturally, we are moving toward greater use of mailed ballots.

(This is a subject I often discuss on my web site.)

Anonymous said...

Imagine an electorate where the "Liberals" and BNP take the vast majority of the vote. Talk about polarisation.

Anonymous said...

Rob - Yes, but it illuminates how much people now hate both main parties. The hatred of the Tories can be laid at David Cameron's door, I think.

Anonymous said...

The hatred of the Tories can be laid at David Cameron's door, I think.

No Margaret Thatcher's I think....Cameron is just not the man to change impressions.

There is an old saying in the North of England that "you can never trust a Tory" and it goes back a long way - probably to the years when Cameron's grandfather was a Tory MP.

Anonymous said...

God, I hate predictable lefty bores. Who cares what the people in heavy Labour areas in the north say about Tories? I mean, WHO CARES? Why do you think what antediluvian class warriors say with pretended folk wisdom about Tories will be accepted as a legitimate argument?

That people today are turning against the Tory party is due to David Cameron.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

After what Birmingham Council did to stop the BNP nothing would surprise me any more. Nothing at all. A third recount after hours (and the departure of the Police) which miraculously discovers that most of the votes for the BNP (and the NF candidate incidentally) have been 'counted twice' and that, equally miraculously, almost none of the Labour ones were. Well you could've knocked me down with a feather.

NO MORE POSTAL VOTING unless your goddamn terminal. Its Election Day, its about the single most fundamental thing to do with the country you live in. If you cant be arsed to make it to the Polling Station, you never deserved the vote anyway. I've seen old people in Christchurch and Highcliffe literally on two sticks in obvious pain and discomfort climb laboriously out of their taxis (which must have cost them a small fortune when you figure in the waiting time), stagger into that polling station, cast their vote and stagger off again. Because they dont just view voting as a right, they view it as a DUTY.