Sunday, February 11, 2007


A sort of justice, perhaps.

A man due to stand trial for the murder of a 65-year-old woman has been found hanged in prison.

Thomas Joseph Carty, who had just turned 22, from West Drayton in west London, was found at Belmarsh Prison, south east London, early on Saturday.

Restaurant owner Kam Fum Chung, known as Helen, was killed at her home in Hillingdon, west London, on 6 November.

Mr Carty was due to attend a committal hearing charged with murder, aggravated burglary, and threats to kill.

He was also charged with possession of an imitation firearm.

Police believe Mrs Chung, who owned a Chinese restaurant, was stamped and kicked to death by burglars who mistakenly thought she had the restaurant's takings.

Her 15-year-old son discovered her body.

I quote :

An enquiry will be set up. The Prison Governors' Association will express regret. The Prison Reform Trust, the Howard League, NACRO and other pro-criminal groups will castigate the Home Office, and their complaints will be amplified by their friends in the media.

Around a quarter of prison suicides are of the chief suspects in homicide cases.

Not a terribly usual name, Carty. Yet it seems to turn up in the news a lot.

Donnel Carty stabbed Tom Rhys Pryce to death for his mobile and credit cards.

Donnel's cousin Lloyowen shot Lee Subaran dead for 'showing disrespect'.

Jermaine Carty, by contrast, is an innocent man.

The sixth man in the dock was Jermaine Carty, 24, of Cheyne Walk in Handsworth, Birmingham. Carty was acquitted on the orders of the judge of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, and by the jury of one charge of possessing a firearm. He was said to have been the real target for the gunmen that night. The jury heard Carty had taunted Ellis on stage at the Rosie O'Brien's club in Solihull, West Midlands, the night before the shootings. Mr Carty was said to have grabbed a microphone to lay down a challenge to Ellis and his friends. Timothy Raggatt QC, prosecuting, said: "He was engaging in what amounted to taunting provocation directed at the Burger Bar group, boasting about the Johnsons and so on."

Mr Carty also made it clear he was carrying a handgun in the club, Mr Raggatt said.


Anonymous said...

Mass sterilisation anyone?

Anonymous said...

Foxy Broen: "Mass sterilisation anyone?"

I think not.

A trial, if found guilty a sufficient sentence to make sure the guilty party is never a threat to ordinary folk again, Would do for me.

Anonymous said...

"A trial, if found guilty a sufficient sentence to make sure the guilty party is never a threat to ordinary folk again, Would do for me."

You jest, of course. A sentence, in an open prison, of perhaps two years, with one off for good behaviour - in other words, not killing any guards. Our justice system has been surrendered to the EU. Hadn't you noticed?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Todd Carty, for crimes against the dramatic arts.

Anonymous said...

Verity: "You jest, of course."

Nope. I was not suggesting how thing are, rather, how they should be.

Anonymous said...

"Every death in custody is a tragedy..."

Nope, not this time matey. In fact, the drinks are on me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anonimo 9:08 - a glass of Sancerre will do me nicely.

I think bringing back the death penalty is critical. The public wants it. What the politicians want isn't relevant.

Now that we have DNA there would not, in most cases, be a slivver of doubt about the murderer's guilt. In cases that could not be proved with DNA, I might be prepared to hold off the death penalty, although life in prison would be essential.

Lethal injection would be OK. Also, so would death by the method the murderer chose to end his victim's life. The man who killed Mrs Chung, for example, would be beaten and kicked to death.

wd said...

A sort of justice, perhaps?
How can a mother losing a son or a sister losing a brother or a brother losing a brother be justice!that is if he done it? Was he found guilty? NO. Were their others involved? YES. Did any of you actually witness it? NO. So then this question springs to mind, WHO the fuck are you to judge! A young boy scared to death, literally and some narrow minded snob i assuming with no sense of the real world or any type of real emotion other than what they read about in books leaves a cold, vicious message knowing that there is a chance someone in his family could read that. Well to me that is disgusting and you should be ashamed because even if he did commit the crime why should his family pay! I hope you lead a sad lonely life and i sincerely hope you never have to go through something like that yourself!

Anonymous said...

wd - Care to elucidate? In other words, could you tell us what you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

22 - a boy?!

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

i dont know who was aking you anything verity? Unless you want to answer the questions already stated and anonymous 22 is young his family have lost out on so many years regardless to what he may or may not have done, but like i said who are you to judge. No one knows the full stor, they only know what they have readin the media. So basically they nothing.

Anonymous said...

22 is a boy still but dont tell me you knew everything at that age you were never influenced or pressured by others! Dont get me wrong what they did to Mrs CHUNG and her family cannot be justified and somebody should pay but let it be the right person(s). Losing a child or family member is not justice! And as for the death penalty goes how can that be brought back, there are so many wrongly accused.If the evidence is 100% fact then the maximum sentence should be put in place.

Anonymous said...

I said in my post that the death penalty could be used safely in instances where the case is proved by irrefutable DNA evidence. There is now no longer an excuse not to extract the maximum penalty, the penalty of death, in most instances of murder.

Anonymous said...

Well, there do seem to be a lot of loud, angry, semi-literate leftists around today!
A few points:

1. 22 may be young, but it is still well over the legal age of criminal responsibility. Equally, it is undoubtedly the case that someone of that age should be held morally responsible for their actions. Whether there were others involved or whether he was pressurised into, allegedly, killing is irrelevant. That does not negate his own culpability. Talk about him being a "poor, frightened boy", or words to that effect, is just so much emotive rhetoric.

2. wd says: "Was he found guilty? NO." However, it was his actions that made it impossible for him to be either convicted or acquitted. He was about to go on trial charged with murder, and various other offences. Then he committed suicide. While we cannot in the circumstances be sure he was guilty, one does have to wonder whether he would have acted as he did had his conscience been clear.

3. Furthermore, most people charged with an offence - about 75% - are ultimately convicted. This further suggests that Carty was not a random unfortunate citizen, but that it is more probable than not that he was a murderer.

4. No, it's probably not very pleasant for his family. But it was he who chose to deprive them of his presence. And, in any event, when you are dealing with murderers, the feelings of the murderer's family is an irrelevance to the question of whether they deserve punishment.

Anonymous said...

Fulham Reactionary: You hit the target on every point.

The "feelings" of the perp's family are so irrelevant, it is insulting to suggest they have a role in this.

It was the perp who chose to hurt his family's "feelings" by committing a crime which would require a sentence. They brought him up that way, did they not?

The more legitimate "feelings" of his victim's family, on whom he has inflicted unimaginable pain will never go away.

Twenty-two is not "still a boy". It is a legal man. They can vote at 18, can't they? I am glad there is one less scabrous piece of garbage roaming the wilds of socialist Britain. I'm glad he's a corpse and won't be comitting any more offenses.

Anonymous said...

Nobodys feelings are irrelevent! Thats how small minded you people are. No he wasnt just an innocent citizen that was dragged into this without any knowledge of what was going on and yes you can vote at 18, but what, because you can vote you are meant to know everything. Somebody killing themselves isn't justice. Somebody should serve a sentence but i think it should be the right person because what is it doing for the community that we have to live in when the real guilty party is still roaming. There are a number of reasons thomas could of taken his life
1) guilt
2) his future
3) other peoples influence over his life
4) depression, do you want me to go on. All i am saying is that how can any of u sit there and judge when none of you know the events leaing up to mrs chungs death or the personalities of everyone involed! Yeah most of them real scum of the earth you couldnt go lower if you tried! And no it isn't the way somebody is brought up, how can you blame the parent(s). If you live in an area with high crime rate, not enough funding from the goverment, peer pressure, drugs a number of things create these situations, it is certainly not the fault of guardians. Anyway that is all i have to say on the matter other than, dont any of you have anything better to do than sit and debate over other peoples lives. Thomas will never be just a corpse as neither will mrs chung because there spirits will roam free always! enjoy your excitement packed lives.

Anonymous said...

"If you live in an area with high crime rate, not enough funding from the goverment, peer pressure, drugs a number of things create these situations, it is certainly not the fault of guardians."

Ah root causes, of course! Not really his fault then.

Or you live in an area surrounded by crime prone ethnic groups (of which you yourself are a member) characterised by low IQ and impulse control...oops! That cant possibly be a reason now can it.

Anonymous said...

And nobodys feelings are irrelevent!

Does that include Rose West? Denis Nielsen? Peter Sutcliffe?

Anonymous said...

For God's sake Anonymous, get some punctuation into your life!

Anonymous said...

"not enough government funding".

In other words, not enough of wage/salary earners' tax money was spent on this sinkhole? And the residents are somehow entitled to other people's money why? Why don't they clean up their own area instead of wallowing in being "disadvantaged". Getting a job might be a start. Mrs Chung did well. Of course, she was Chinesed,intelligent and industrious.

This fellow - a man, not a boy - who hanged himself was involved in this murder in some way.

Because you are of voting age "you are meant to know everything." Unless severely mentally disabled, someone of 22 knows that robbery, violence and murder are wrong. Someone of eight is expected to have absorbed this knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I knew thomas from a while back and he was a decent young lad,cant beleive the things some of you fucking arsewholes are saying. He must have been involved in the poor ladies murder but you are fucking horrible coming on this page and saying things you can never be corrected for.

Anonymous said...

i knew tom, n yes he was a thief but a killer he aint, and everybody who knew him would say the same thing.
and shame on you you stuck up idiots, you know nothing about Tom or anyone else involved, or really the whole story, yet you think you can just bad mouth tom,
He had no way out and was facing a life sentance for a crime he didnt commit, yes he was there n deserved to be in prison for robbery etc but not murder.
the person who did do it not only has the blood of the lady on his hands but also tom carty.

leave tom to rest in peace n get on with your sorry little lifes. you make me sick.

Anonymous said...

" i knew tom, n yes he was a thief but a killer he aint, and everybody who knew him would say the same thing.
and shame on you you stuck up idiots, you know nothing about Tom or anyone else involved, or really the whole story, yet you think you can just bad mouth tom,
He had no way out and was facing a life sentance for a crime he didnt commit, yes he was there n deserved to be in prison for robbery etc but not murder.
the person who did do it not only has the blood of the lady on his hands but also tom carty "


And, seeing as you know more about this than those who dare to have an opinion about violent criminals, perhaps you could throw in the second incident that evening, where a local man was threated with a gun, was stabbed, saw a knife held to his daughters throat, and fought back, because he was not six stone nothing like Mrs Chung.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in West Drayton all of my life. West Drayton is shit. It is full of people with no ambitions and no real life ahead of them. Tom was a good guy, he wasn't an angel no but if you lot are so fucking perfect why dont you dedicate some of your precious time in coming to West Drayton and educating the people that live here. I've been lucky enough to learn from other peoples mistake. You can't judge when you do not know the full story. There are no excuses for Tom's involvement and nothing can really justify what he did but he did not kill Mrs Chung. The person who did is roaming freely in the streets and all you sick arseholes can say is good ridense that Tom is dead. You are obviously middle class prats who believe you're more important than the likes of the scum who have had to live day in day out in West Drayton. You are narrow minded idiots with nothing better to do than waste your time slagging off the deceased. If I ever had a child I would not bring them up in West Drayton as I wouldn't want them to be pregnant by the age of 14 if female or to end up in Prison if male. Tom was a nice person and he was loved very much by his family and friends. You've obviously never had to experience being petrified by your peers and going along with what they tell you because otherwise it might be you who they turn against. Yes we all have a voice but sometimes saying no has brutal consequences. West Drayton should be burned down as far as i'm concerned. All I can really say is imagine Tom was your child. I'm not saying parents have no influence but no matter how a child is brought up if they are brought up in West Drayton there will not be much hope for them. You lot obviously think you know best. If you truely feel content that Tom was in such dispear to take his own life then you seriously need to take a step back and look at your morals. You narrow minded idiots make me sick.

Anonymous said...

"If you truely feel content that Tom was in such dispear to take his own life then you seriously need to take a step back and look at your morals."

Incorrect. Our morals have nothing to do with what Tom did. Nothing at all. Stop trying to displace the blame and we may listen to you.

"Tom was a nice person and he was loved very much". No. Tom was not a nice person. He took other people's property away from them by force. This is not nice. It is not even legal.

"You narrow minded idiots make me sick." Narrow-minded how? Believing in the laws that have been carved out over the centuries? I think you can see the foolishness of your statement.

Anonymous - clearly you speak from the heart. Why not change things by voting your councillors, who have allowed this repulsive underworld to flourish under their noses - I am sure they personally are safe - out, and give your support to a candidate who wants to change things?

Don't vote tribally. Vote for the individual who is as outraged as you are and wants to effect changes. (That means registering to vote, by the way.)

Anonymous said...

And anonymous, you are partly to blame for Tom's death because you know the situation and did nothing.

You have a vote. Labour is corrupt. The left is corrupt. All they care about is "social engineering" and "income redistribution" instead of creating jobs and thus honestly-earned wealth for all.

Anonymous said...

I have some personal involvement with one families in this crime and would like to point out that when this case comes to court there will be alot of irrefutable evidence and a demonstration of the sheer amount of gratuitous violence used against the people who were attacked, injured or murdered.

I would also point out that the 12 year old girl involved in the latter attack that evening has been utterly devastated and traumatised by the whole horrific event and am not sure that she will ever be able to lead a normal life after having a gang burst into her home and attacking her,and her family with such violence.

Let the courts decide "who did it"

Police forensic science is very good nowadays!

Just for the record, i was born and bred in West Drayton and had friends on the Wise lane,North Road and Whitethorn Estate, i used my own eyes and my own mind....and moved?

Anonymous said...

how can u lot debait about a young boy who killed himself in a act to save his family! I knew Thomas from a long long time ago and growed up with him. he mixed with the wrong group of people and thats what lead him to that cell! How do we no Thomas Commited The Murder? We Don't ! So why argue about something that you no so litte About! Do you think thomas wanted to be in that cell ? No! lets leave him to rest now ! his family r in pain now leave it at that ! you iggnarant peple !!!

Anonymous said...

None of you know the full story, and i seriously don't think you have the right to judge someone you don't know. You have a right to an opinion but something as hurtful and harsh as that shouldn't be posted on the internet as his family are still grieving and it is not fair on them. You should all think about what you say before you post things like that on the internet. This is especially to the person that said ""Every death in custody is a tragedy..."

Nope, not this time matey. In fact, the drinks are on me.
I think you are disgusting and hope something like this doesn't happen in your family as you would be devastated. You should think before you open your foul mouth again.

Anonymous said...

Please let Tom rest in peace now.I didn't know him personally but I am very close to someone who did.This person knew the real Tom.The person he was deep down when he wasn't being lead a stray and getting involved with things he had no control over.Please could someone tell me where Tom was buried or cremated so this person can go and pay their respects.Please leave this information for me.

Anonymous said...

Tom was laid to rest yesterday, his funeral was attended by close on 500 people. Surely none of these people would have gone there if they believed he was a murderer.

Anonymous said...

It makes me so sad reading all of this shit. I mean how can ye judge someone you don't even know or something you don't know anything about? What if it was your son, brother, uncle, nephew or cousin? You have no idea the pain his family is going through right now and for the rest of their lifes. The same goes for the victims family.

How come Tom was the only one ,out of the gang who commited this crime,charged with the murder? Doesn't that seem a bit strange to ye? It sure does to me. Something doesn't add up.
There is so much more to this story. Only god can judge him now.

Let Thomas rest in peace and let the family mourn in peace. They have just lost someone the love. Do you know how painful that is?????

Anonymous said...

To be charged with murder does not mean Tom committed the crime. It is not unusual for the police to find someone as quickly as possible in cases such as this to make it seem as if they are doing something. Remember the Guildford 4 and the Birmingham 6. Perhaps now they might have another word with the rest of the gang

Anonymous said...

To be charged with murder does not mean Tom committed the crime. It is not unusual for the police to find someone as quickly as possible in cases such as this to make it seem as if they are doing something. Remember the Guildford 4 and the Birmingham 6. Perhaps now they might have another word with the rest of the gang

Anonymous said...

a terrible crime has been comitted,we all know,but to assume you all know the facts is bull,no one knows the facts except the people involved in this,so who the hell are you to judge??what gives you the right to judge some one on what you've heard,if thats the case then we'd all be guilty of something surley..tom killed himself and 2 other men have now been charged with mrs chungs murder,whether you like it or not toms family have the right to grieve and that alone we should respect, weather he done the crime or time the truth will out itself,so for the sake of all the familys involved lets leave it be untill all of the evidence has been heard in a court of law,not peoples small minds.

Anonymous said...

i have known tom since i was 14, i am now 21, he has always been a good friend to me and my family.
its obvious that the people that are speaking bad of tom didnt know him, because anyone thats knows tom would not speak ill of him, espacailly at this time.
his family do not need all this stress from you all, they have enough to deal with at this time.
as someone has already said near on 500 people including myself attended toms funeral, and if he was a killer, no one would have gone.
i just hope the two men that have now been arrested really praise them selfs for being such good friends to tom, all i can say is if tom had friends like that then he sure as hell didnt need enemys.
its just a shame them two bastards wernt charged the same time as tom, maybe he would still be with us.

Anonymous said...

What a tragic situation where you snooby bastards have nothing better to do with your lives. How dare you comment on Thomas Carty. what about everyone else that was there that evening. If you middle class people read the fucking paper they were offering 20,000 for more information on the crime. eeerrr hello, Obviously they didn't have enough evidence on Thomas, Hence the reason now for two other lads being charged, So in West Drayton terms... FUCK OFF AND LEAVE THOMAS CARTY ALONE. wait for the real killer.

Anonymous said...

I met Tom Carty twice during his life time but he was an especially good friend to my daughter.
How dare anyone come onto this site and make slanderous and cruel remarks against a young man that no longer lives. Who will ever know Tom's last thoughts as he was about to take his own life. Who will ever know why he would want to take his own life or the circumstances leading up to it.
Innocent until proven guilty is deeply embossed within the legal system of the United Kingdon.
So detach your heads from up your arse and find something more constructive to do with your sad life other than condem a young man that took his own life. Middle class arseholes with impeccable grammer and the ability to utilise english grammer have no realisation of the real world.
I echo a formal remark and in words originating from west drayton
go fuck yourselves you stuck up bastards and leave Thomas Carty to rest in peace. I for one, will not sink to your level.

Anonymous said...

It's a path in life we choose to take. Or in some circumstances we have no choice, we wake up, work, pay bills, get run over or rob someone bla bla, if we were all the same life would be a boring place. shit happens. it's how you deal with it. but remember noone is perfect

Anonymous said...

It would seem that Carty was in some peoples eyes a guy who just got 'mixed up'with the wrong people and was living in the wrong area.....wake up and smell the coffee, he and his 'weekend gangster' pals were just a bunch of lying piss taking cowards who tried to take liberties to make em' the charlie big potatoes gang, well thats gon'wrong, now its time to take their way or another. Carty was given an easy out, the others may not have that choice.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of concern for Tom and not that much for the family of the lady who was murdered or the family that were attacked by a gang of thugs, is that not incorrect.

Was Tom a young hard core villan ora nice guy thats all thats being debated here what about the victims.

Anonymous said...

The 500 or so people who turned up for his funeral were they friends or customers who purchased stolen goods from him.

Maybe West Drayton council should have a statue for him or a plaque stating either 'Thomas was good man but just a miss understood or just simply not as he won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

How many times in the past has Carty been involved in robberies? Do you think this was a one off? Yes he was young- not as young as his 12 year old victim.
Do people think he would grow out of it and it was just a phase?
Also saying he was young tells me that his life is somehow more valuable than the 65 year old woman that he [or others]murdered!
The comments I have read seem very weighted towards the perpetrators with little thought for the victims and their families?

upmyboys said...

Firstly I think it's disgusting how quick u all are to judge, you hear something on the grape vine or read something in the newspaper and automatically it's true, innocent until proven guilty, obviously not according to u lot.
I knew Tom, he was a close friend as are all he's family and yeh he was a rogue and a bit of a fighter but no one is perfect and i can put my hand on my heart now and say he would never raise he's hand to a woman let alone murder one!! He was a well respeceted member of the community with alot of friends, this would not be the case if he was a murderer or even if people thought he had potential to be a murderer. two other people have been charged with this murder and all charges against Tom have been dropped. now who are the drinks on? I really am sickened that people can slag off the deceased because a few peaple wrote a few things in the local paper? imagine how you would feel if something similar happend to you, your friends or family!!

Anonymous said...

Of course i feel sorry for the victim and her family but that is not what is being discussed here.

Noone is saying that Tom was perfect. All they are sayin is that you shouldn't judge people you don't know.

Obviously Tom was loved by alot of people and still is. Let them be and let them mourn in peace. Can you do that?

Anonymous said...

Why not close this blog, his dead not missed and served up correctly whether he was pushed or jumped.

When we were kids we were told do the crime and be prepared to do the time, obviously carty could only perform 50% of that.

Upmyboys is a little confused stating that Tom wouldn't raise his hand to a woman, well given the chance that 12yr old girl whose home he and his two boys friends broke into will become a woman and hopefully a mother and grandmother and reach the age of 65 and she will have a much better chance without the likes of him around.

His two boyfriends what will become of them hopefully a long sentence in prison where they can gloat of their industrious crimes over the next 7 - 10 years, missing the best years of their piss hole lifes.

upmyboy said...

how fucking dare you, 'he is dead not missed', well i for one miss him all day every day and i could quite easily sit here and name at least 200 other people that also miss him you undignified little prick, and maybe if he done the crime he might have served the time, I personally would not serve a 30 year life sentence for something i never done.
and I think it's you thats confused, wat is your point. ok he broke into a house and a 12yr old girl might live to be 65, and? her chances of living to be a grandmother have not been hightened nor reduced by toms death, it seems ur trying to prove me wrong when i say he wouldn't hit a woman yet you have not one comment to even slighty back your claim!

you give the impression you know fuckall about it anyway, you seem like just another stuck up twat that has got nothing else to do but get involved in other peoples problems, how about you go suck your mother and stop slagging off people that aint here to defend themselves.

innocent until proven guilty


Anonymous said...


He was obviously a good friend of yours, why couldn't you and his friends raise bail for him and try and support him like friends do

Anonymous said...

UpTheTom 10.24

What do you think Tom would do to try a prove himself not guilty if he hadn't fallen off the stool some more lying, bit of voilence (not very good at either of those was he, neither were his pals)good at running away and trying to hide....

Who do you think his two friends are going to point the finger at to save themselves.....


Anonymous said...

I have read through this blog and fail to see the points raised by certain people regarding the past events of Thomas Carty, he was in custody pending trial surely he is not guilty until proven, If young Carty was guilty I'm sure British justice would have dealt with him.

Its sad to see both a young man die when he could have been innocent and an old lady die was was definately innocent, such a waste of life.

11.39 mentioned two other people will there shoulder any blame???

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is Tom Carty or what is he, part of an underworld gang.

it seems he is just another 'runt of society'who wishes to cause trouble his gone............forget it / him

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
who the fuck is Tom Carty or what is he, part of an underworld gang.

it seems he is just another 'runt of society'who wishes to cause trouble his gone............forget it / him
I don't know or care who he is/ was but I am so sorry for his family. They are suffering and that is so sad.

Laban said...

The other two, the Atkins brothers, are currently being tried.

Blogged here :

Anonymous said...

what gives all the snobby nosey fuckers who are hating on tom to sit here and right up about what is right and wrong.
When it is you or a member of your family or a dear friend, then you can be humble and voice your opinion.
Untill then i feel sorry for you and hope nothing like this happens to your brother, uncle, sister, parent, aunty, cousins or any other family member!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say I knew Thomas Carty we went to school together from 10-16 and knew him well. It hurts me to read the terrible things you people have written on here, you faceless cowards hiding behind an irrelevant opinion. It is true he was no angel not then, not ever but what makes his life worthless????? It was not worthless to his family, his friends...what are you faceless people are the monsters. I do not know the ins and outs of the crime, all I know is it was terrible, a shocking thing for a sweet innocent women to lose her life. Those Atkins Brothers have always been well known for crime and trouble, and may they never see the light of day. They were tried and convicted of the murder.

Tom took his life on the 10th Feb leaving a note behind an apology to his family for the pain and hurt he had caused them. Tom was a lovable lad and that’s how he will always live in my heart and my mind...he will always be the boy I went to school with, the great footballer I won trophies with and represented the school with. I have those memories as all of those who knew tom have, it was a privilege to know you Tom and you will always be in my memories, from of football winning days to growing up together (ill always have the team photo on my wall).....I regret not seeing you too often after we left school....may god look after you my in peace, we will meet again. Tom we do miss you.


Anonymous said...

No charges were dropped against Tom Carty.If he hadn't of taken his own life he would of been in the dock with the other two defendents and that is a fact.

Anonymous said...

7-10 years lol they got 35 years minimum.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry he took his own life not sorry for him but for his family. The fact is Tom was charged because his d.n.a was found at both crime scenes. If he had not hanged himself he would now be serving 35 years like the other two. Making out he could of been innocent is being in denial. Tom had two personalitys unfortunately he was a bastard when he was in association with the other two bastards. I saw him when he was around those people and they all thought they were gangsters. Tom was a willing member of the trio knowbody was falsing him into anything he could easily of said no" but he didn't he made his choices and fucked his and family members life's up aswell as the victims familys. Yes he most certainly got in with the wrong crowd and that was his downfall if he hadn't of got involved with those he would still be here today. As for not being capable of murder that is debatable as if you knew him well you would know they were all taking crack cocaine including tom. His d.n.a was at the murder scene on the victim suggesting he played a massive part in the Chinese lady's murder. I just wish someone could of taking him aside and told him to stay the fuck away from those other defendants but tbh i don't think he would of listened as he was a crack head who needed to fund his habit. I once saw all 3 of these walking through the town shouting we're celebrity gangsters. 500 people may of attended his funeral but that don't mean he was innocent. He took his own life I believe as he realised he had no chance of aquital and I believe he unlike the other two had remorse for his actions.

Anonymous said...

How can the justice service deal with a dead man div

Anonymous said...

And they did but it didn't work. All 3 were guilty of murder but only 2_will serve justice the other plastic gangster is in hell.

Anonymous said...

Tom was as guilty as the other two worms he is now living in hell I hope. He was a coward doing what he did to an old defenceless lady.

Anonymous said...

Surely Fred west was innocent!!!

Matt Kerr said...

First of all you claim to know much about the case and Tom personally yet made the demonstrably false claim that “the real killer is walking the streets”

No the real killer/s are serving life sentences of 35 years, Dean and Michael Atkins (I know Michael Atkins from Feltham Young Offenders institute in 2001 and later on in Wormwood Scrubs, he was a violent piece of shit, scum of the earth ! If Thomas chose to a-quaint shits like that then that was on him ! Let’s see who else you know from West Drayton then seeing as you claim to know Thomas Carty so well, do you know Eddie Mcginty ? John Norman ? Gary Flynn ? West Drayton is like any other suburb in West London, you get chances in life by making them for yourself, the fact is they chose to take the criminal route, they could have done like so many other Irish Travellers do which is form their own building/home improvements companies for example, tree surgeons, landscapers, do driveways for example (if you know Thomas Carty like you claim you do then you would know that he is an Irish Traveller)