Thursday, February 15, 2007

No Fool Like An Old Fool

Especially a Lib Dem.

A West Yorkshire councillor has married a Gambian woman half his age within days of meeting her on holiday. Bob Thompson, 52, is spending Valentine's Day without his new bride, Fatou Jammeh, while they wait for her visa application to be approved.

If it is approved, the 25-year-old will then join him in Elland with her eight-year-old daughter, Sira. Mr Thompson, a Liberal Democrat councillor on Calderdale Council, said he had also converted to Islam.


Anonymous said...

What a hoot! Thank you!

Wow! A new daughter, a wife from the third/fourth word and a new religion too! Life moves so fast!

Anonymous said...

The new wife lives with her father, 3 wives, numerous children and grandchildren.
She cannot read or write but has a top of the range mobile phone.
Bob converted to Islam at the wedding ceremony...he must have studied the koran for all of half an hour.
She admits "There is an element of wanting to live in England, but that does not detract in any way from our love for each other".
Hope he's got a big house!

Martin said...


What madness loneliness can father...

Anonymous said...

Don't we have enough native Brits who can't read or write that we have to start importing them?

What are they going to do for money when this old fool is voted out of office? At 52, he won't find employment.

Anonymous said...

There are 4 pages of comments following the report of this in the "Courier". Some have been removed as unsuitable!
Bob's replied telling us she's not entitled to benefits as he's her sponsor & she "fully understands" that if things don't work out she'll be on the next plane back!
That'll keep her on her toes (or on her back as the case may be)!

Anonymous said...

Presumably the council's domestic violence unit will put him right about the opinions of the likes of Yusuf al Qaradawi regarding what to do if his wife starts talking back.

After all he may take the words of his new pastors literally given the amount of research he's done about his new religion.

Anonymous said...

anonimo mentioned a 'Courier'. What Courier? How about a link?

Anonymous said...

Verity - it could be this:

52-year-old Calderdale councillor becomes Muslim and marries 25-year-old woman in Gambia

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to his council'll notice he's not the bonniest of beggars.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't know how to activate these links.

Anonymous said...

Apoplectic - Thanks so much for the link! This is hysterical! His wife has never seen a train, never mind a plane before.

The brother asked him if he was serious, and the next thing he knew, he was sitting on the floor with a bunch of men and his wedding and conversion to Islam were bunged through in one. The wife wasn't present for the marriage.

I see on the photo gallery Bob's into dashikis. What a prat!