Monday, February 12, 2007

Google knowledge

Ever heard of the Dark Heart Crew ? I hadn't 'til someone googled for them.

Operation Yeoman was established to collect and disseminate intelligence on firearms-related criminality; a priority was to identify specific targets actively involved in gun crime. The ‘Dark Heart Crew’ (DHC), an organised group of 30 members, was identified and a network analysis completed. Its members were involved in Class A drugs supply, firearms, serious violence offences, disputes with neighbouring counties’ firearm gangs, and armed robberies. Members gained kudos by wearing of body armour and guns while frequenting nightclub premises.
Intelligence on DHC members was weak because members had forged longstanding friendships from childhood, family and community connections - efforts to target individuals had provided limited success. This allowed them to establish their territory, accelerate their rise up the supply chain and reduce the risk of prosecution.


Anonymous said...

Two of Croydons gangs are the Don't Say Nothing (DSN) and the Straight Merking (killing) Niggas,also known as SMN.

Martin said...


The Sunday Times have already reported on the South Asian 'Shadwell Massive', Life Style Extra has reported on the Tottenham Somalis and - you want the really good news? - the Latin Kings are reported to have set up a franchise in Madrid.

Which means that as soon as Pepe and Manolo get their Spanish citizenship papers, they'll be off to London to establish a franchise.

And where the Latin Kings go, then Mara Salvatrucha, the guys you REALLY don't want hanging round Edgbaston or Sparkbrook, inevitably follow.