Saturday, February 17, 2007

More Publicans

Oliver "Affluenza" James - Eton. No wonder he's in the Guardian and on the BBC so much.

Lily Allen, chirpy cockney songbird - whose alternative, laddish Papa stumped up those Fat Les royalties to send her to Hill House (Prince Charles' prep school) and Bedales, one of the most exclusive girls' schools in the country. Fees; £8,218 per term. Via Mr Eugenides.


Anonymous said...

And dont forget David Dimbelby.

Former member of the Bullingdon Club. That bit of trivia was strangely absent from the last Question Time.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the sudden appeal of Oliver James. True, he's badged the idea that Capitalism makes you sick, but the idea itself is hardly original. Yet he has appeared in virtually every newspaper and every TV station.

Ross said...

I thought it was obvious that Lily Allen had been expensively educated, her cockney accent is about as convincng as Dick Van Dyke's, it is obviously not a natural accent.