Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh

Janet Street-Porter has been arrested over allegations that she racially abused a neighbour.


Blognor Regis said...

Given that it always sounds like she's juggling a gobstopper with her tongue, how would anyone know?

Anonymous said...

What a stupid comment, Mark Holland. Don't you understand that you are weakening the tea by pouring in silly jokes?

If she was racially abusive, personally, I don't care. Everyone has a right to their opinion whether Tony Blair, Cherie Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, Tessa Jowell and on and on and on and on approves or not.

In Britain we have free speech.

Janet St-Porter can say whatever the hell she likes in her own country. It may make her unpopular with her neighbours, but that's her look-out, not the British Cabinet's.

Free speech rules!

Anonymous said...

"In Britain we have free speech"

Not really true, when you consider the various race relations laws that have been introduced, which have meant that, if you use a 'racist' term, there are any number of things the police can, and will, arrest you for (although, the prospect of Street-Porter in the dock almost reconciles one to the situation).

Perhaps verity's comment should be rephrased:

"In Britain we used to have free speech"

or, considering various recent events:

"In Britain, Muslim terrorists have free speech".

Anonymous said...

Yes, Fulham Reactionary, we did enjoy a glorious 1,000 year era of free speech in Britain. The lord god tony blair did not want it so, lest the hordes from an alien belief system take offence.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Just strenthens my beleif than lefties minds run purely on projection.

Anonymous said...

Street-Porter simply reveals the types of mentally-ill retards who dominate the media-world of therapy-by-laxative and TV camera in this pitiful country

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute - JSP was arrested and then bailed to appear in court later. Set aside the nonsense of having to have our speech approved by the luminaries listed by Verity lists, why was she arrested? Was she a danger to the public? Was she even a danger to the "victim"? If she had hit the "victim" over the head with a truncheon or burgled her house the police would have sent round the social workers to JSP. This is truly scary!

BTW, bang goes her US visa for her next holiday in Florida: guilty or not guilty, US immigration draws the line at people who have been arrested.

Anonymous said...

Umbongo - Does that mean if Phony Blair is arrested by Yates of the Yard, he can't get into the US for all those lucrative speaking engagement and to see his new best friend Gov Schwarzenegger?

Oh, boo hoo. (Leans against wall to support oneself while laughing helplessly.)

But we shouldn't take our eye off the ball and allow ourselves to be distracted. They didn't arrest a popular performer; they arrested someone few people have much sympathy with and few would defend. There is method and cunning in their maliced.

Anonymous said...

Umbongo - yes and no. JSP will find it difficult, being white and speaking english. If she was to call herself Juanita and claim to be Mexican then she would find a rather different 'revolving door' policy allowing murderers, rapists et al to endlessly return to the US.

Anonymous said...


As I understand it, if you've been arrested you can't get into the US on the visa waiver program(me) - the green forms filled in when you cross the Atlantic. If you've been arrested (guilty or not) you have to be interviewed at the US embassy in Grosvenor Square and, if the interviewer is satisfied that you are, in fact, an upright non-criminal you are given a 10(?)-year visa stamped into your passport. What a palaver!

And don't think the police don't know about this. It's one way of getting back at the normally law abiding: arrest them alleging a trivial offence and then "decide" not to pursue the allegation. You get fingerprinted and DNA'ed AND are hassled if you want to holiday in the US


Don't ask for asylum in the UK as this bloke was advised to do, if you're white, your ancestors were born here and fought for this country.

Anonymous said...

Umbongo - his dad was Rhodesian his mum was from India. He was born in Zimbabwe. As far as Im concerned that makes him British. The crypto-Marxists who run the FO & HO of course regard him as a lowly foreigner, not the sort we want. Its not like his got HIV or killed Christians in the Sudan, so really, whats he got to offer?