Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Words Fail Me

Times :

The man, who is of Pakistani origin and lives in Manchester, was only placed under the control order this month. But within four days he disappeared. Police sources say that the man failed to show up at a local police station to surrender his passport. He was traced to a nearby mosque, where community leaders say he had sought sanctuary. Police rarely enter a mosque: they began discussions with both local community figures and leading officials connected to the mosque.

It is understood that while these talks were taking place, the young suspect was helped to escape through a back entrance while officers from Greater Manchester Police were stationed outside.

I'll make no comment on the actual story. But there are too many stories like this. Weren't Greater Manchester Police the people who told officers not to arrest Muslim suspects during Ramadan ? Who allowed a Muslim officer to keep his job despite an uninsured car crash where he drove off, leaving two women and a child injured at the scene ?

Public opinion is a slow supertanker, taking a long time to turn around. From Tam Dalyell's first posing the West Lothian question to a majority in favour of an English Parliament took thirty years . The idea that our rulers give special treatment to one group is growing. In a lot less than thirty years it'll be received opinion - unless the special treatment stops. It was the unfairness of the devolution settlement that did for it in the eyes of the English - and it will be the unfairness of special treatment that does for it.

Elsewhere the words of Paul Goggins on religious hatred return once more :

Tony Wright, a clever Labour MP, said we had heard enough from the minister about who would not be prosecuted under the act. But who might be?

Mr Goggins - his boss, Charles Clarke looked simultaneously stony-faced and embarrassed at his side, which is quite a trick - said vaguely that you might get a poster "showing women wearing burkas, saying that such women are not to be trusted, er, could be suicide bombers, er, who knows what they are hiding under their coats, a poster of that kind ..."
Suicide bombers in burkas ? Ridiculous !

Mr Omar had also taken a northbound train from Stockwell and, at Warren Street station, attempted to explode his bomb. It failed in an identical fashion. He fled into the streets.

The next day he caught a coach to Birmingham disguised as a Muslim woman, wearing a burka to hide his face.


Anonymous said...

So, he was considered enough of a threat to public safety that he was subject to a court order (had to convince a judge, all those safeguards to ensure the law is applied, etc) this very month. Presumably, the Times means January.

Now that he has escaped, the response from the Home Office is: "“The individual is not believed to represent a direct threat to the public in the UK at this time.”"

Given that January is only 17 days old, what happened to change their view of him in the time he was under the order..?

Anonymous said...

Public opinion is a slow supertanker, taking a long time to turn around.

Watching the ranters and ravers on Dispatches the other day I found myself thinking, "you are going to be in for a shock one day mate".

I'm afraid that unless something happens soon the gloves are bound to come off and when they do the militant muslims are likely to get such a hiding they won't know what hit them. They're all mouth and no trousers. Look at the millions of mighty soldiers of Allah thumped by 6 million Israelis. I'm not saying it's a scenario I want to see but it's one that I think becomes more and more likely while they keep pulling the dragon's tail. It's not inconceivable that we might even nuke Mecca before all is said and done.

Anonymous said...


As you have posted three times about the hammer attack on Henry Webster you might like to know that the BBC have removed all mention of him from their site.

A name search there shows no results but a search on Google with "Henry Webster" gives a link to a Google cached page complete with an image of the boy

Whereas the story over the alleged 'racism' faced by someone named Shilpa Shetty has been front page news with the BBC for three days now completet with it's own Have You Say spot.

Obviously being paid huge ammounts of money to appear on TV is so much more worse than being a schoolboy having your brains battered out by a pack of adult asian men on your way home from school.

Rank hypocrisy or deliberate management of the news?

Anonymous said...

Reading the hundreds of comments on that Wiltshire paper that Laban linked to yesterday, regarding the Pakistani adolescent and adult thugs who attacked a British boy with a hammer, the tide is already turning. The sheer virulance and intense repulsion with islam and muslims warmed the cockles of my heart.

A Regular with A Cloaking Device, you are correct: They are all mouth and no trousers. Bullies universally tend to be cowards. They need to feel the foot of the indigenous Brits whose ancestors built our country, on the back of their necks while we explain a few things to them. If David Cameron gave some indication of this intention, he would be a shoo-in at the next election.

Julia M, An interesting comment indeed. How did the assessment of the danger posed to the British public by this individual change during these 17 days?

Some knockabout at the Home Office said "The individual is not believed to represent a direct threat to the public in the UK at this time."

Could anyone tell me what that statement means? He "is not believed to 'represent' a direct threat to the public in the UK (how about elsewhere?) at this time. (How about later? As in, if someone recognises and tackles him, say?)

A stream of long-winded lying waffle meant to sound official and authoritative by using multisyllabic words. If they weren't engaged in the now traditional Home Office lying cover-up, they would simply have said, "We don't believe he's a danger to the public." Nine words instead of a windy, obfuscating 19.

Anonymous said...

The burqa is already illegal. It is illegal in Britain to wear a mask or facial disguise in public. When are the police going to start handing out tickets to these attention-seeking bints? They're universally mouthy broads with pretensions of superiority. All fur coat and no knickers.

Anonymous said...

Can I just clarify "it's one that I think becomes more and more likely while they keep pulling the dragon's tail."

I'd prefer if that had read "while they are allowed to get away with pulling the dragon's tail."

They're only doing it because they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

A Regular with A Cloaking Device - Agreed. The onus is on the British government to stop this and tell these immigrants to shape up or ship out. And, to show that they mean business, they should start shipping them out.

For example, any muslim committing a crime in Britain should not be housed in a British prison at British taxpayer expense. He should have to give a mouth swab for his DNA and have his retinal photo taken (so he can't get back in) and be shipped to somewhere in the ummah.

This would do away with the absurd, lunatic expense of giving them special toilets that don't face towards mecca and don't face away from mecca. Mecca-schmecca. And disgusting halal food (which needs to be made illegal). And, the latest lunacy, colour coded utensils in prison kitchens for preparing halal food so the prisoners can be assured that a knife used for cutting their filthy halal food has not previously sliced up some bacon. Etc.

(And let us not forget,they are in prison through choice. Had they not committed a crime, they would not have use loos facing mecca, not have to eat unhalal (also known as civilised) food and not have to worry about what utensils had been used in the kitchen.

You are right, we now need to be shown to be in control of our own country. I don't see Dave doing it.

Anonymous said...

Here's another story that is not getting the attention it perhaps deserves from the mainstream media:

"UPMINSTER'S streets erupted this week when feuding gangs of up to 150 youths clashed leaving several wounded and residents and shopkeepers terrified.

The scenes of bedlam outside Upminster Bridge Station, in Upminster Road, started when mobs of warring black Asian and white youths, brandishing knives, wrenches and lumps of wood, clashed at 4pm on Tuesday.

The huge brawl, which left one 27-year-old man with a stab wound to the lower back, another with broken ribs and others with minor injuries, caused chaos for commuters as the Underground station was cordoned off by forensic teams until 10.30pm that evening."

Anonymous said...

It makes for depressing (if essential) reading.

I just can't understand the mentality of the people in charge here. If there's a criminal in a mosque go in there and arrest the bugger.

If he's a foreign national he should do his time and then be deported. Better still we should have deals with other nations so that they can serve time in their own counties (that'll learn 'em).

If there's a riot in protest. Put it down. If the police can't do it - the army can.

I'm sure these levels of rage can't be good for my blood pressure but at least I don't need viagra.

Anonymous said...

Well. It's beginning to happen. Good.

The report was a bit confusing, though, because it mentioned "black Asians". I've never seen a black Asian. I wish the British media would stop referring to "Asians", as though the rioters could possibly be Hindus or Sikhs or Chinese or Japanese. Or Thai, maybe. Why can't they just say Pakistanis?

If they keep this up, this will be Blair's excuse not to go in June.