Sunday, January 14, 2007

Are They Really So Primitive ...

That natives of the land of Burns, Scott, Adam Smith and the Sage of Ecclefechan now need to be taught how to wash their hands ? Are they adults, or children ?

Sixty years of one-party welfare state 'socialism' have a lot to answer for. Off your knees, Scotsmen ! Abjure the pendulous dugs of Nanny State !


Anonymous said...

With Scotland's record on E-Coli it is probably essential to teach them not to stick their hands up a cow's rectum before preparing cooked meats

Anonymous said...


We don't build ships in Scotland any more.

We don't even assemble circuit boards any more.

But goodness me, we make public service adverts that Ang Lee would be proud to put his name to.

The one you've linked to isn't the worst, not by a long chalk.

That one was the mouth cancer awareness advert.

Two elderly Presbyterians, fresh out of the Masonic Lodge or hauled off the bowling green, spoke cheerfully about how they went to the doctor as soon as they saw the black spots appearing on their tongues - and their mouth cancer was cleared up in a jiffy.

The third one didn't, and was speaking through a Stephen Hawking voicebox.