Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sigh ...

Easily the worst thing about Simon Mayo's afternoon R5 show are the guests they bring in to pontificate on books, TV, films etc. They're always metropolitan lefties and must by law feature one opinionated mockney-speaker called Mark.

Yesterday it was the 'TV panel' (mp3 download) - they discussed the Blessed Ann Widdecombe's Hoodie documentary in the presence of Herself.

Mockney Mark (who is he ? Is it the Mark Kermode who's all over the BBC like a rash, or is it another one ?) let Ann get the occasional word in, and some posh totty called Mary Evans opined that hoodies etc were "just what young people wear" and there was nothing to worry about. She gave me the impression of an intelligent, self-confident, quick-witted airhead - can there be such a thing ?

When you want a view on the estates of Islington and Brixton, who better to ask than a media grad who attended Bryanston ?


Anonymous said...

Most BBC radio programmes are using by literary agents for book-plugs. TV News is used to advertise Tesco - it used to be M&S - but I suspect Tesco pays more to the PR intermediaries.

I know of no other country where I have watched TV programmes plug supermarkets as they do in England. German TV never has the head of Metro or Quelle and in the US I could not imagine Wal-Mart being on every bulletin

Just as every Radio 5 bulletin pours out the contents of some core-dump of ludicrous reports every morning.

Really the BBC is like a Soviet proaganda station bombarding the public with the same messages all day long

Blithering Bunny said...

I used to ride my bicycle home late at night through Islington. There were always little ferals skulking around in the early hours who would sometimes throw stones at me.

Anonymous said...

It's not Mark Kermode

Anonymous said...

His name is Mark Webster, not Kermode. I quite like Webster though I agree with your general point. Kevin Day gets up my nose and Mary Evans sounds like a typical guardianista toff. Mark Kermode is a good critic though - don't knock him. He challenges left wing orthodoxies and hated Michael Moore's films so he's OK too.