Friday, January 19, 2007

How To Steal, Get Caught, But Avoid A Criminal Record

Fixed penalties - rather appropriate for a couple of footballers. Glen Johnson and Ben May are obviously not paid enough.

B&Q said: "We can confirm two men were apprehended in our Dartford store on the afternoon of 17 January, following an alleged shoplifting incident involving a B&Q bathroom suite."

They should both be transferred to Bath City !


Anonymous said...


Undereducated Bermondsey girl says silly things on TV, causing whipped up 'international incident' - will probably lose livelihood and live in fear of her life for years to come.

Two mega earners steal - and not just steal with any kind of panache, like robbing a bank, pinching the Mona Lisa or conducting a fiendishly complicated diamond heist, but nick some tat from a B & Q. Not a cheep from their employers.

Shouldn't the FA really be saying that Johnson will NEVER play for England again?

Anonymous said...

My local team is so bad if they got fixed penalties, they'd miss!

Anonymous said...

Recent reports on the death of Multiculturalism were clearly, and sadly, vastly eggagerated. This grovelling and pathetic self-abasement will only get worse.

Any self-confident country would do two things:

1) Express disdain at the comments and bad manners of this vile yob, and tell the hysterical drama-queen victim to put things in perspective.

2) Respond to the hypocritical reaction from India by pointing out the occasional racist progroms against Muslims committed by their majority Hindu population, which result in the deaths of tens of thousands. They might also point out a certain thing called the caste system, which condemns tens of millions to abject poverty for life simply because of their birth.

Instead our elite just can't grovel fast enough to say how terrible British culture is. Well - which is worse - murdering tens of thousands or some cheap abuse on TV? A simple choice, surely? Well, it seems, no.