Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Your victim was only 25 years of age"

As liberals campaign for votes at sixteen, so the age of actual responsibility for anything at all disappears over the horizon.

A 35-year-old man has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for infecting his girlfriend with HIV.

The pair met at a Bournemouth nightclub and had unprotected sex during their relationship even though the victim had been concerned the man had the virus.

The Zimbabwean man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted one count of grievous bodily harm.

Judge Roger Jarvis said the crime was "beyond comprehension" and recommended he be deported.

"It took place in what to the victim was a loving relationship, but in truth, on your part, there was a callous and cruel deceit.

"You knew she had this anxiety and you misled her. Your victim was only 25 years of age."

Now obviously the main blame for this unhappy event falls upon Mr X of Zimbabwe. But perhaps by the age of 25 poor Ms Y should have worked out that some men will say anything to get a woman into bed. A bit of a gamble to take with a chap from a country where 34% of adults are HIV infected.


Anonymous said...

Votes at 16? Humbug. When I applied (successfully) to take part in a local Youth Council election, I was plagued by people who's only real belief and policy was for votes at 16. There's also some naieve youth councillor on Webcameron from the just-as-naieve UKYP who's posts all seem to be about the issue.

Apparently, Gordon Brown has jumped on the bandwagon.

It's a silly idea with no roots in reality. All the arguments I've heard for it are quite pathetic. As a 15 year old political activist, I'm saying, 18 is low enough thanks.

Laban said...

The trouble with lowering the voting age is that it seems to have been done without thought. Way back when it was 21, that was the age of full adulthood - you could be sent to an adult prison or hung, among other privileges.

When they lowered the voting age to 18, did they start sending 18-20 year olds to adult prisons, or did they keep the Young Offenders Institutions ?

Guess !

If you are given the vote, that should be a mark of full adult citzenship. What we have now is a situation where a 19 year old is adult enough to vote, but (for example) he is expected to be dependent on his parents for university fees etc (grant being calculated on their income).

Anonymous said...

Laban - Absolutely sound, solid common sense. Full adulthood/full responsibilities as an adult should be equal. This micromanaged drip, drip, drip is so destructive, but then, that is the intention. To confuse and conflate and mislead the citizenry.

Anonymous said...

Sam Tarrant - Don't give up. Stay with us. You have a head on your shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Generally we encouraged not to notice that Zimbabweans have massive rates of HIV. Like all immigrants they bring us so much more it would be churlish to point out the minor drawbacks. And not pointing them out is a job superbly handled by the NHS, Home Office, Foreign Office and the MSM.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I think its hard to blame the girl. The media hides the truth, just think how different British attitudes would be if facts like that were heard on the BBC every day.

Wider society shares the blame, including the madness of the immigration policies. You can't expect the average person on the street to know the ins and outs of all the various nationalities in the country.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Bet you The Z guy can't be deported because he has to continue his NHS HIV treatment at the expense of taxpayers

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me why, it seems that in almost every case that comes to court the term used is 'who cannot be named for legal reasons'
What happened to open and transparent in our legal system?

Anonymous said...

'who cannot be named for legal reasons'

The lawyer applies for an Order to stop the press publicising the case so other witnesses cannot come forward.

The CPS being PC or else using commercial lawyers to pursue the case if they are short-staffed agrees.

The whole judicial system is a joke, a costume drama or really simply a pantomime. It is wholly irrelevant to the functioning of a stable and civilised democracy and is simply a bran tub where you stick your hand in and pull something out

Women who bed men they do not know are dim but there are a lot of them who think they have only one basic function.

Anonymous said...

The biggest menace to British public health appears to be the virus of the genus 'Shaggus Africanus'.

Anonymous said...

Martin - sounds as if you're onto Simon Moleke's alleged wrongdoing

It'll be interesting to see how such a case of "friendly-fire" pans out.

Anonymous said...

To sam tarran,In kent the conservative county council support the campaign because they realise that if you can pay your mp's wages then you should be able to vote for them.
(Taxation without representation)

I am a member of kent youth council and the youth parliament and i know so that ukyp does a lot more than any youth council
Does your youth council meet ministers etc ?
Gordon Brown believes in votes @ 16
Citzenship is now made compulory in all schools with the help from ukyp!
I would not disagree with you that young people need to know the basic of politics through citzenship
Oliver Rowlinson

Anonymous said...

Oliver Rowlinson - I have absolutely no idea of what your message is. (Don't bother to re-explain it, though!) But I always know precisely what Sam Tarrant is saying.

The woman in the case discussed was stupid and probably easily bullied. What's the betting he did the "Is it 'cuz I's black?" routine when she said no...

Anonymous said...

"Women who bed men they do not know are dim but there are a lot of them who think they have only one basic function."

The woman involved was apparently due to start a masters degree. What that says about UK education I will leave you to decide.......

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information about a court order. However he was found guilty and sentenced, what is the reason given by our legal system for him remaining anonymous?

Anonymous said...

"The lawyer applies for an Order to stop the press publicising the case so other witnesses cannot come forward."

Pity they seem to throw that to the winds in rape cases, where idenification of the defendant is essential precisely so others can come forward.

Even if the accuser (who can remain anonymous, ofc) is a known fruitcake and fantasist...