Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Birthday !

To the "respect agenda" - one year old. As we've seen, it's been a great success.

To repeat myself :
"I want to send a very clear signal from Parliament, not just the government, that this type of disrespect and yobbish behaviour will not be tolerated any more"

And how exactly will you do that ? The prisons are full. Your client groups don't think people should be sent there for stealing, or indeed anything apart from racism, hunting and domestic violence.

I know. You'll send a guy with a stud in his tongue and a bag of skunk in his back pocket to talk to them. And when that doesn't work ? He'll talk to their parents. And when that doesn't work ?

He'll talk to his peers, agree that the Smith family are 'very difficult', and blame globalisation or the Daily Mail.

And happy birthday to tracking on this blog, installed two years ago. 280,000 visits - up from about 80 a day to 6-700. 20,000 in May. Thank you for visiting.

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