Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Quote Of The Day

Gary Hopkins, Liberal Democrat councillor for Knowle, Bristol, on the latest stabbing.

"Knowle has its problems with drugs and some types of crime, but this will come as a big surprise to the community.

"People don't feel unsafe walking the streets of Knowle, at least in the day time - which makes this so out of character and shocking."


Moriarty said...

I remember hearing a story from when Billy Graham came to the UK in the 50s. Apparently one part of his speech caused much amusement in the press at the time, when he talked about "streets that are not safe to walk down." Cue much mirth about how ignorant Billy was about our fair country. This was Britain not the US they said, something like that could never happen here.

Tom said...

“but this will come as a big surprise to the community.”

I wonder what the view is like from the orifice he has chosen to place his head.

DJ said...

On the plus side, we have a great control group should we ever want to experiment with zero tolerance: 'Knowle, where mayhem's OK providing the Sun has gone down'

Anonymous said...

It's fairly safe during the day because few of the locals are out of bed before 2pm after a hard night's mugging, burglary and car theft. I know, because I used to live in Bristol before emigrating four years ago. My brother's house was just half a block from the hotel in the photograph.