Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Eh Bien !

They're at it again. To celebrate the recent BBC "World Cup Stories" edition about the French team - how Zidane and co. abolished all civil strife and produced multicultural Nirvana in 1998, the rioting season has kicked off early in Paris.

PS - I missed this last year. Talk about the revolution devouring its own children.

"Dolls were being evacuated from the creche in Fives, a rundown district of Lille near France's Belgian border, the day after a petrol bomb burnt out the empty sleeping area and scorched activity rooms.

Little remained of the public nursery school in Acheres, west of Paris, other than the snapshots of toddlers stuck to a wall after fire brought down a roof and devoured rooms in the night.

When a blazing car was rammed up against the nursery in Mirail, in the southern city of Toulouse, the rioters did more than trash a building - they shattered a small community"


Charles Martel said...

burning down a nursery school maddens me more than burning down a police station, to be honest. something to do with the innocence of kids, and how we, as "normal" people, will do anything to protect kids.

in fact, it saddens me to hear about such things. why a nursery for gods sake? were the rioters not man enough to take on the police station?


Charles Martel said...

laban - i just noticed something missing from that bbc report. In fact , its the big enormous elephant in the corner.

"Creches and nurseries on the housing estates are designed to play a similar role in allowing mothers to pursue careers."

it doesnt take a genius to figure out why Islamic male rioters would target those nurseries and creches.

of course, the bbc, as usual, doesnt join the dots.

Anonymous said...

yeah I noticed that too.
They also say it wasn't an organised campaign just a lot of copycat attacks. huh?

Gordon Freece said...

There may be some danger of banlieu-ites ("banlieusers"? Ha ha?) "pursuing" a career, but they're not likely to catch one, are they?