Monday, May 29, 2006

"Bulger Killer" Convicted Of Attempted Murder

"It's not been reported anywhere in the UK news, but a Scouser living in Kilkenny, Ireland has claimed to be one of the infamous killers of toddler James Bulger.

Last Tuesday, Sean Walsh was given a 15-year sentence by Kilkenny Circuit Court for the attempted murder of his pregnant girlfriend and her three-year-old daughter in November 2004. He has claimed to be Robert Thompson since he was held on remand over a year ago."

David Holford has the details. More here and here.


Anonymous said...

Ive been trying to cross check photos (of course those of Thompson are as a child) and I feel Walsh is not Thompson.

Anonymous said...

Doing some googling it does seem many people think they are one and the same.

Bulger's mother tracked Thompson down back in 2004, but reports don't actually state where he was at the time.

If there is any indication that it was Ireland she went to, or even that she had the leave the UK, then it might be a clue.

Anonymous said...

I hold james Bulgers Memorial site which is funded by his father and there is a new Australian site which has had age prgressed pictures of Thompson and Venables, its is new and not finished but it is here on the web and they look nothing like Sean Walsh. I agree Sean looks like Thompson but it is not him. Thompson has put on weight and is now overweight and venables has changed completely. Check out the iste Justice For James.

Anonymous said...

I was sent an old circulating email about James Bulger. I wrote it off as fable until I researched it.
I cried over and over and then felt this urge to write as I could not get it out of my head. I felt guided to write this song in memory of James Bulger.

Two versions of this raw song: JUSTICE FOR JAMES

are now available on YOUTUBE. I had trouble playing the instruments as my hands would shake and then singing it, well I was brought to tears each time. (Original Version) (Guitar version)

Anonymous said...

Why would he admit being Thompson...his age the fact he's Scouse...the eyes in the picture all add up to me....The Government just don't want to admit they messed up big time letting him out