Thursday, March 13, 2008

Todd In Dinorwig

When Chief Constable Todd was found dead near Llanberis, one assumed suicide while the balance of his marriage was disturbed.

Now ...

After the details of blood tests were revealed, the coroner, Dewi Pritchard-Jones, asked him: "So, not a huge amount of alcohol then?" Dr Caslin answered: "No, sir."

There were no injuries on the body, and Mr Todd was fully, although lightly, clothed when found on Snowdon, the inquest at Llangefni, Anglesey, heard. There were no external or internal injuries.

The coroner said: "There was no evidence this man had jumped from height or sustained any significant injuries."


In 2006, he was elected as vice-president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). He was a member of ACPO's terrorism committee and the organisation's media advisory group. He led the ACPO inquiry into whether CIA rendition flights had used British airports.

I feel a conspiracy theory coming on ...

Another one.

The body of a Dorset police inspector has been found washed ashore at an expensive seaside peninsula. Police said the body of Insp Neil Munro, 43, was found along Panorama Road, nicknamed "Millionaire's Row", in Sandbanks, at about 0830 GMT.

A gardener is reported to have found the body under a jetty belonging to a multi-million pound seafront mansion. Brittany Ferries confirmed a foot passenger of the same name had boarded one of their ferries on Wednesday. His death is being treated as "unexplained" and a post-mortem examination was being carried out.

Hmm. More conspiracy.

And more.

The police officer in charge of security at the Duchess of Cornwall’s family home in Wiltshire has been found shot dead.

I don't pretend to be able to make out all the connections. But Mohamed al Fayed must be a worried man.


Ross said...

"The coroner said: "There was no evidence this man had jumped from height or sustained any significant injuries." "

Isn't being dead quite a significant injury? Still maybe he wasn't trying to kill himself, perhaps he just wanted to join Flying Squad.

JuliaM said...

I wonder what the 'disturbing texts' he was supposed to have sent said?:

gdby crl wrld :(