Friday, March 14, 2008

Any Simplish Freeware Video Editors Out There ?

I want to make a Youtube video of 'mockney', feauturing the late Sandy Denny introducing two of her songs, first in a 1967 folk club (shy but beautifully modulated Home Counties) and then in 1971 (mockney with occasional lapses into RP). I have the audio and some images and titling, I just want to put them together and create a 2 or 3-minute .avi or .mpg file from them.

What's out there that someone with no video editing experience could use ? any ideas ?


Blognor Regis said...

Windows' built in tool "Windows Media Maker" is more than adequate for such a job.

That's Mr & Mrs Denny infront of their humble Wimbledon abode on the front of Unhalfbricking is it not?

Laban said...

It certainly is. Although the Denny family are of Scots descent.

But I run Win2K, which I don't think has MM.

The kids' box is XP, so I'll go and take a look. Ta.

Anonymous said...

There's a useful list at Wikipedia-