Saturday, March 15, 2008

Poverty Causes Crime Part 5984

Allegations that four boys from Eton College attacked a 13-year-old girl on the school’s playing fields are to be investigated by police.


JuliaM said...

"On the net

In a Facebook exchange with a friend at another school, one of the boys involved wrote:

“I nearly went to jail” and speculates that another pupil may be expelled.

The friend replied: “So basically a normal Saturday night in Windsor?”

He wrote back: “Yeah, pretty much, but these girls obviously weren’t prepared for it.”"

Obviously Windsor is a long-deprived area. Should it be in line for a government grant?

Blognor Regis said...

Perhaps all that rugby put hairs on their chest?

Anonymous said...

Its a miracle - you have found four criminals the Left will not go all gooey over.

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