Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Poverty Causes Crime Part 183

A group of teenagers drank champagne before going out and attacking a French schoolboy, a court has heard.


Anonymous said...

When you were a member of the Militant Tendency, did you believe poverty caused crime then?
If so what caused the change?

Anonymous said...

and as regards the above post "Bearing A Grudge"

I don't think there is anything wrong with bearing a grudge for 21 years or longer, an limited amount of time even.

If the Labour party sign away this country I will certainly hold a grudge against them for ever.

Anonymous said...

If they'd drunk Cava, would they have attacked a Spanish schoolboy?

Anonymous said...

Once found guilty, I will take pleasure in volunteering to break their pelvises and watch them crawl in agony for two hours.

Oh, actually, that won't happen, will it? Some clever defence lawyer will plead that they come from broken homes, or something, a senile judge will fall for it and they will escape any serious punishment.

Laban said...

anonymous - read my Normblog profile