Sunday, September 30, 2007

Phrases You Don't Often Hear On The BBC

"Play the white man, be English - come on !"

Heard today on BBC radio - by a presenter in response to a correspondent.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post on the Green Arrow's blog (The Asian Paedophile prositution network)about the paedophile networks run by Asians first reported by the BNP but denied by the almost all the mainstream media.

The Sunday Times now reports amongst other things:

As well as simple opportunism, pimping of white females by black and ethnic-minority men can be a type of revenge against whites. “My parents ran a grocery shop,” says Hussein, who admits to being part of the pimping gangs in the late 1990s. “They had hardly any money, even though they worked their backsides off. White people treated them like shit, like they were their servants.” Hussein says he took “great pleasure” in having young white girls at his beck and call, knowing their parents would be out of their minds with worry. Although Hussein was reported to the police, he was never arrested for any crime, and is now working in Leeds.

From the Sunday Times: Mothers of prevention

Anonymous said...

They were free, I believe, to go back to their shit hole domicile in Pakistan or Bangladesh? No one was forcing them to stay in the UK and be "treated like servants"? They could have stormed out in high dudgeon?

It's time for a tsunami of individuals of this quality to return to their native lands and continue their habits there. I believe the British will be only too glad to stand for a ticket and a little start-up capital (as the French do) to get this element repatriated - free retinal photographs and DNA swabs (so no possibility of re-entry)included.

Anonymous said...

The so called British Police are worse than the rapists, the rapists like it or not are behaving in the same way many humans have throughout history, the problem is that we as a people have put our faith in the government and Police to protect us and they have abandoned their duty leaving us worse than defenceless because we have been lured into a false sense of security and let our guard down.

And even worse those northern areas are now facing forced 'integration' of their schools.. The pimps must be loving that idea.

Anonymous said...

The police are not 'our' police any more, the state is not an extension of our collective identity. It now represents the 'community'. This 'community' is a worthless entity that seems to include anyone who turns up on our shores.

Anonymous said...

The socialists opened the floodgates in Britain and N Europe to dilute our nationalities and our strength. (Maybe not so oddly, the Swedes were the first to offer full surrender: their minister of something or other said,of the muslims, "We must be kind to them now so they will be kind to us when they are in the majority.")

Socialism. Thought fascism. One worlderism. THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Think about it. It's coming to a neighbourhood near you.

Anonymous said...

Notice how they play the race card to get these innocent young girls to give them the time of day.

All the fault of the PC totalitarian left, and their obsession with racism, racism, racism -- but only if it's displayed by a white person. Other way around, they don't seem to think that racism is all that bad after all.

Disgusting. The policeman who refused to arrest the Pakistani rapist for fear of causing a "race riot" should be relieved of his duties and suitably punished. And the rapist should be burned at the stake. . .pity you guys don't do that sort of thing anymore.

Anonymous said...

And even worse those northern areas are now facing forced 'integration' of their schools.

Did the idiots who thought that one up ever think to study the extremely unhappy American experience with "forced integration"?

All the leaders of the Western world are complete idiots. Braindead fools. Or worse, not idiots, but complicit.

Anonymous said...

Susan -They weren't 'idiots'. It was deliberate. A deliberate downgrading of our culture and our law.

Nothing about this one-worlder agenda is idiotic.

People are meant to complain and say, "Oh, those idiots! Didn't they think of the consequences???"

Yes. They did. Of course, they did. That's why they did it. One more tile snapped into place.

Anonymous said...


That's why I wrote "or worse, complicit."

I used to think they were just idiots, but now I know, they are "complicit." The whole Western world is under assault by massive inappropriate immigration from incompatible cultures and ethnic groups. And the only thing we hear in response is the insane "diversity is our strength, diversity is our strength" -- despite the fact that for thousands of years, human history has demonstrated countless times that diversity is anything but a "strength."

It is no coincidence that this is happening to all Western democracies, at the exact same point of time.

It's somewhat worse for Europe because, as you pointed out in the other thread, you are the indigenes of your ancient lands, but the same thing is happening all over the European diaspora and we are suffering right along with you.

Anonymous said...

In the "no shit, sherlock" category I nominate this item:

Think-tank releases a report showing which kinds of immigrants add the most benefits to the UK, and which are the worst --

"Labour's favourite thinktank yesterday named the migrant groups which are a drain on the taxpayer.

Immigrants from Somalia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iran are most likely to be out of work and claiming state benefits, it said.

They don't do particularly well in school, either:

But some migrant groups have failed to turn educational success into economic success. Groups whose children have not done well in school include Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Turks and Somalis.

All the worst immigrants are from ROP countries? It just can't be!

The best immigrants are, get this (white, educated, Judeo-Christian) French, Australians, and Canadians!

No, again, it just can't be! Diversity is our strength! How is it possible that the ones who are the most like us, are the ones who are the most successful in our society and who take the least advantage of our generosity!


Anonymous said...


When will this insanity end?

I am f*cking furious. The stupid police force who will do anything to suck up to the f*cking muslims. Good God. I could start a riot on my own today.
Perhaps it's time the rest of the population to start rioting and smashing things? It seems to be the only way to get your voice heard.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt even call white Australians and Canadians immigrants at all. They belong in a different category.

Anonymous said...

It boggles the mind to think that resources were actually devoted to a "study" to prove that white, English-speaking, Judeo-Christian Australians and Canadians are a better immigrational fit for the UK than brown or black non-English-speaking Muslims.

It just shows how far society has sunk under the "diversity" cult. If the "diversity" cult were really correct, wouldn't the brown or black, non-English speaking Muslims be MUCH MORE VALUABLE as immigrants to the UK than the Australians and Canadians?

I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

with your permission I would like to initiate a major debate on this subject.

I have given the subject some thought and would like to post a detailed analysis later on today.( At bout 7 o'clock I am sure a lot of your regular readers will want to contribute.

Wil that be OK?

Anonymous said...

What is happening and why.

Our children, that is English girls, are being raped and prostituted by organised gangs of Pakistani Muslim men. Muslim's want 'revenge' for the treatment of their parents but this is bogus. Muslims want to rape our children for the sake of it:degradation and outright subjugation of white English children is what turns them on. It's a power thing.

It is happening in many northern cities, Bradford, Blackburn, Huddersfield and others.The Sunday Times article, which has not been picked by the rest of the media, gives plenty of vile detail but it leaves out one crucial fact:why is it being allowed to happen at all?

The answer is, of course, that our politics have become so distorted by multi-culturalism and anti-racism, that it has become an anti-British politics.

Ethnic Minorities, but particularly Muslims and Blacks, can get way with almost anything.

Laban's regular readers are well aware of this but the question we must ask ourselves is this:why are we allowing this to happen?

There are millions of people who would be prepared to do something about about it. The task is to bring people together. (I have not been able to find an address for 'Mothers of Prevention'. Does anyone know how they can be contacted?)
If a protest march is being planned then we should not only take part but use the Blogosphere and the Web to publicise the event.

I would travel up from London myself.

With Laban's permission I will post some more later on. We have got to turn our outrage into action. If we don't then more children will fall victim to these monstrous predators.

Harry J said...

Jockney, just let me know the time and place and I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Guardian Apostate,

I have asked the writer of the Sunday Times article to put me in contact with 'Mothers of Prevention'.

Will post again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

''Mothers of Prevention''

Aren't there any ''Fathers of Amputation''?