Saturday, October 06, 2007

England 12 Australia 10

Took the Welsh hat off for the afternoon. You wouldn't have thought it was the bunch who faced South Africa. The forwards dominated to such an extent that an English knock forward in their 22 was nearly as good as an Aussie one, because their scrum just couldn't stand against them.

And Sackey, who we thought couldn't tackle very well, made a try-saving tackle facing a 3-on-1.

Wilkinson kicked poorly, looking tense and wound-up, or England would have had more to show for a first half which they dominated. The backs were pretty anonymous except in defence. But a heroic performance all round. The Aussies looked shell-shocked at the end - as you would.

UPDATE - better and better. Not a great game - all that kicking in the first half - but I had a fiver on France to win ! If only Fiji and Scotland can win tomorrow to make it four underdogs out of four. After Argentina beat France I said they'd meet again in the final. Still possible.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest a box entitled "those who wish to know the result before they watch a recording, click here"!

Anonymous said...

Bring on the French!!